26 thoughts on “Lia Marie Johnson Sexy (16 Photos)

  1. ballen

    she built her career from children react and then teens react
    she is a liberal youtuber that preach one thing and then does everything against what she preach

    1. Devin

      Ballen, what exactly does she PREACH? None of this contradicts anything she’s ever said.

      She was like 13 when she started doing those “kids video” she’s 21 one. Do you SERIOUSLY expect her to be a kid forever? Or maybe that’s what you’re into? None of what she did on the show denoted that she wouldn’t grow into a sexual fucking being.

      Did you know, before your Mom fucked your Dad and gave birth to you, SHE was a child? Is she a hypocrite for not staying a child? I don’t follow your logic, but that’s probably because it doesn’t exist.

      Furthermore, WHY are you on a site dedicated to posting illegally obtained photographs of women and playing this “OMG! SHE’S BEING SEXY! CALL THE COPS! game? It’s really odd.

      1. ballen

        wow, you are actually too stupid to read or to understand the written text ? then again libtards have problems with IQ tests so is not surprising you cant grasp the the simple thoughts behind the text.

        btw, kids react, twelve, thirTEEN is teen react, she did kids react first for some time and gathered pedophile followers like you.

        the rest you are posting is just idiotic remarks thinking you can insult me, lol, typical libtard retard, WORDS CANT HURT !! HATE SPEECH DOES NOT EXIST !

        now go back home and let your mom buttfuck you with your mandingo strap-on and leave the sane people alone to fix the world

      2. Conservitard

        Lol you’re going way too hard defending a talent-less Miley Cyrus 2.0 lookin ass bitch. Libtards nowadays lmao.

    2. YouHaveAGoodDaySir

      As opposed to a…conservative adult site lurker who preaches against women who are morally loose, but jerks off to their pics anyways?

      1. ballen

        only retards jerk off to pictures, a blow job cost 20 dollar and there are moving pictures that is called movies as well

        1. diggernicks

          Brainwashing via a shit tier education system is mandatory and you’re bragging about it lol? What 3rd world he’ll hole are you from?

    3. SladeYades

      Man, who cares about that shit?
      I’m here to fap, not to discuss retarded american politics.
      Fucking Internet these days, can’t even rub one without “liberools” and “ENARAYS” pop on my testicles.

    4. klawicki

      What are you talking about? What she is doing is a VERY liberal thing. Are you under the impression that it is Conservatives that preach skankiness?

  2. Donald J. Trump

    Damn…i would grab her by the pussy and force me on her like a bitch….but hey..i would fuck my own daughter if i wasnt the President…and i support my pedophile colleagues…..

    How about those republican values…

    conservative americans are the stupiest people on the planet…even braindead apes are smarter

  3. klawicki

    She even LOOKS like Miley in some of the pictures. So she is clearly trying to go the Miley route. Her only problem is, Miley had some success before she did it.


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