Leven Rambin Naked (4 Photos)

Leaked photos of Leven Rambin. Leven Rambin is an actress from “The Hunger Games” and “Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters”/

Leven Rambin Naked 01

Leven Rambin Naked 02

Leven Rambin Naked 03

Leven Rambin Naked 04

9 thoughts on “Leven Rambin Naked (4 Photos)

  1. Sid

    Thought this chick looked familiar. I remember her from Terminator The Sarah Connor Chronicles and remember wanting to see her rack back then. Thanks man!!

    1. John

      haha, I remember her for that show myself. Her cleavage was very impressive. I worked at a mall a couple years ago when the first Hunger Games came out and the cast was waiting in a “Mall Employee Only” hallway before headed up to a signing/Q&A. I was trying to leave and head to my car and security asked me to wait until they all left a couple minutes later, so I stood off to the side and chatted with them for a couple minutes. I recognized her and not Jennifer Lawrence lol (though I only knew her from X-Men at the time). I considered myself lucky to be in the presence of Levin’s amazing breasts.

  2. Brian

    Cant believe I am seeing her tits now… Saw her on chronicles and wanted to see them then… sorry Riley… but now your tits are exposed.

  3. Moron

    My bad. Shouldn’t call it fake tits. I meant augmented breasts. Cause i can’t tell whether its implants or stem cell or fat graft augmentation.

  4. Bobjoe

    I know these are old now, but it’s just sooo nice to get to see her titties bare now! I jerk off to these constantly. Smaller than I thought. Love her f*ckin nipples. I would suck them and suck them. I wanted to know so badly what her tits looked like under her bra. Now I know and so does the world. Thank you Leven! You have wonderful titties!


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