Lena Katina (t.A.T.u.) Nude (13 Photos)

Nude photos of Lena Katina from Maxim and music video “White Robe” (uncensored). Elena Katina, better known as Lena Katina, is a Russian singer and songwriter who is best known for her work with Russian duo t.A.T.u. Age: 30



Lena-Katina-Nude-1 Lena-Katina-Nude-2 Lena-Katina-Nude-3 Lena-Katina-Nude-4 Lena-Katina-Nude-5 Lena-Katina-Nude-6 Lena-Katina-Nude-7 Lena-Katina-Nude-8 Lena-Katina-Nude-9 Lena-Katina-Nude-10 Lena-Katina-Nude-3 Lena-Katina-Nude-1

21 thoughts on “Lena Katina (t.A.T.u.) Nude (13 Photos)

  1. balllen

    wtf, I see my pictures have just been taken out of the pack and spread all over, I should have marked them with a logo or soemthing

    1. Gadawain

      Yours???? Those are from Maxime and from one of her videos, and had been around the internet for years.

      1. balllen

        yes MINE
        I was the only one who had the ogg file of Beliy Plaschik and started to take the screens and then upload them to piratebay and then to my official image host and then to 2 fan sites and then another pack on piratebay with other goodies in them
        I can also see how they are cut in the same line as mine, not 0.1 second after or before, they are taken at the same timestamp I took mine, so yes, it is my images, spread from my pack without my release name

        1. Davis

          What a fucking load of shit. You’ve no right to those images. Stop being such a little faggot, balllen.

      1. Paul Athetic

        *slow clap* What an accomplishment balllen, I wish I had accomplished something so great in my life so I could be as proud of myself as you. You are the king of leaked tatu pictures. Little bitch.

    1. balllen

      nope, she ruined her face with plastic surgery
      before, then yes I would fuck fuck yulia over lena

  2. max

    that’s what I said..big boobs & hot ass aren’t everything..cute face, small tits, petite ass & cute little body are hotter for some guys.

  3. Spankmaster

    Lenakatinalover, please get in line. I was here long before you in loving this absolutely gorgeous goddess for the most obvious reasons, which are:

    A) She’s Russian.
    B) She’s a redhead
    C) She’s got an incredibly fantastic figure, especially nice, big, natural tits; and
    D) She’s been known to float both ways, so a threesome is inevitable.

    Actually, that last point speaks volumes, because other than it being inevitable, I’m sure it would be quite frequent. Ah, perchance to dream…


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