Lena Headey Naked (15 Photos)

New screenshots of naked Lena Headey from Game of Thrones (2015) s5e10. Wow!!!! Lena Headey is an English actress. Age: 41



Lena-Headey-Naked-2 Lena-Headey-Naked-3 Lena-Headey-Naked-4 Lena-Headey-Naked-5 Lena-Headey-Naked-6 Lena-Headey-Naked-7 Lena-Headey-Naked-8 Lena-Headey-Naked-9 Lena-Headey-Naked-10 Lena-Headey-Naked-11 Lena-Headey-Naked-12 Lena-Headey-Naked-13 Lena-Headey-Naked-14 Lena-Headey-Naked-15

24 thoughts on “Lena Headey Naked (15 Photos)

  1. Ice

    That’s not Lena Headey’s body, look up the 300 nude scene, this is obviously a body double with cgi of Lena’s face.

  2. anon

    can this writer seriously not tell that’s cg? has he not seen one of the other 12 lena headey nude scenes? Just blind maybe?

    Unless she went up three cup sizes and had nipple transplants without sign of a single scar, it’s not her.

    It’s insulting that she got out of a nude scene in this show of all shows when she has been nude tons of times before.

    The editor probably hates her now, he had to paste her dumb face on a body double frame by frame for 6 solid minutes. He could’ve at least used a different angle every now and then, there are cuts where she is always looking in the same direction and is completely expressionless while the body part does something different.

    There are no rules anymore.

  3. LoudlyLoathing

    Yeah, to anyone that follows the show this is common knowledge that is a body double with her face cgi’d on to it. They city were this was filmed wouldn’t allow them to do the walk, also Lena has a no nudity clause in her Games contract.

  4. yourmoma

    She isn’t nearly in as good a shape now as she was when she was in 300. When women put on weight their boobs get bigger. Does not look like CGI to me.

  5. The dude

    I like how they used a big thick, bushy merkin in the prison shot and a more trimmed merkin in the walk shots.

  6. iceman7770516

    It looked bad enough in motion, it is even more obvious in still photos. Anyone that looks at this and thinks that it is real, is just fooling themselves.

  7. Eddie

    The name of the body is Rebecca Van Cleave. Lena has said in several interviews that she used a body double in this scene. It’s definitely not her body. Like everyone has said, you can compare her earlier roles and this one and it’s night and day body types.

  8. Ken

    may be a body double but she did have a kid in 2010 and most of her other nudity is well before that when she was thin…ask any woman and they will tell you that pregnancy messes with their bodies and their nipples make a huge change once they have been used for feeding a baby…

  9. Mickey Varco

    For years lena has always been a hottie like every other women I’ve know, must’ve started acting at her early twentys and always looking good for her age even now at forty one. She may have small breast and an ok looking ass but as we saw in last Sunday’s episode of Game of Thrones’ while she was forced to do her walk of shame, we all saw her fully naked but as some of you say that it’s not her at all or it’s a body double. You know for a moment’ I almost thought that it was her but after a week of hearing and finding out that it’s not, I finally found out who the body double is’ and here I share it with you. Just click the link and see it for yourselfs, enjoy. –

  10. Luke

    Never understood this body double thing, the woman has posed naked for photos quite a number of times. Maybe she thinks he body isn’t good anymore or didn’t wanna walk naked in front of people she knew and strangers…… either way the dragon looked more real than lena in that scene….it was unsettling.


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