Lela Loren Naked (40 Photos)

New nude photos of Lela Loren for Shawna Ankenbrandt’s ‘Nature’ Series’, 08/05/2016. Perfect full frontal! Lela Loren is an actress, known for The Hangover Part III (2013), Snitch (2013) and Reign Over Me (2007). Age: 36 (May 7, 1980).


6 thoughts on “Lela Loren Naked (40 Photos)

  1. jack

    Jesus, a full frontal woman!! And not even fake……. Thought this was a gay site and it’s admins were faggots!!

    1. AJ

      The only one sounding like a faggot now is this faggot called Jack….and that’s actually an insult for faggots.
      You sound like an asshole. “You thought this was a gay site……” usually means you had an interest in this site because you’re gay yourself…..dickhead.

    1. Ben

      I can’t believe you guys are arguing with each other after we all just saw 40 pictures of that breathtaking ass. Focus, gentlemen, focus!


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