Lauren Harries Topless (28 Photos)

Lauren Harries goes topless on the beach in Spain, 08/16/2017. Lauren Charlotte Harries (born James Charles Harries) is a British media personality, transgender celebrity. Age: 39.


93 thoughts on “Lauren Harries Topless (28 Photos)

    1. Mouse

      Looks like a burn victim, and I’m not trying to joke or anything, I mean other burn victims I’ve seen have a similar looking face.

  1. Shit

    There is no way she is 39 fuck I’ve seen woman who are 39 and they look like they’re younger like she is fuck ugly damn she looks like she’s freaking in her 60’s .. she needs to grow the fuck up and that dude is fucking retarted

      1. Fuck leftist cucks

        Fuck off, commies aren’t human. Bernie is a fucking moron and hypocrite with an un-sustainable ideology… KYS cuck. PS I am not a big fan of Jew lover Trump anyway.

  2. Notorious

    this is so funny. This woman looks like she’s 69 years old with her toyboy, but she’s only 39
    This is what plastic surgery does to women when they fill themselves up with that shit in a early age

  3. Fred Jones

    If I wanted to see old mutilated mentally unstable men run around half naked I would hang out at the VA mental ward.

    This site is clearly run by democrats.

  4. Bog

    What the fuck! Why the hell are they showing us trannies now!?
    Jesus Christ! This website has lost all it’s credibility.

  5. faggotfucker69

    stop fucking posting this nasty shit or you’re gonna lose more people who chcek your shitty site multiple times a day jesus fucking christ this is like 60 times worse than that spot the fake bullshit

  6. Rando

    I’ve been coming to site since it started and never once commented on any of these posts but if you’re gonna start posting transgender men then I’m gone. Delete this disgusting bullshit.

  7. Rando

    They’re talking about the one with short hair being transgender, not the granny but this post needs to be deleted none the less. This post is the last straw, you won’t be getting my clicks anymore.

  8. Rando

    They’re talking about the one with short hair being transgender, not the granny but this post needs to be deleted none the less. This post is the last straw, you won’t be getting my clicks anymore.

  9. Lou

    There ain’t nothing wrong with that, baby!!! I wish I could find me a woman that looks that good!!! She just using that kid for his dick!!!

  10. I would advise that the person who posts photos on this site reframe from posting further photos of mentally ill men who believe they have “a woman’s soul”. It just makes people depressed that a 39 year old male looks like a 71 year old woman. Just shocking, not attractive in any form.

    1. L. Knight

      Now, are you hating on all transwomen, or just this fucktard? ‘Caue if the former, die in a fire. but this guy… Ugh. I’m on your side, then, he’s HIDEOUS.

  11. Jonno

    Not only a tranny – but a hunchback Welsh tranny. It’s got a voice like running nails down a blackboard and the brain of a housebrick made from dog shit.

    I’m sure Doug will be banging one off over this all night long.

  12. Ruination

    Now I know this site is fucking trolling us all.

    This cunt was born a man. A MAN. It was a freak when it was on the TV in the 80’s in the UK as a child ‘antiques expert’ looking like a mini version of Art Garfunkel and now its an even bigger freak.

    It has no place on this site.

    1. AJ

      I wish you could come around so I can shove my fist up your racist faggot ass. Btw thank your momma for me for the blowjob last night.

  13. Satan

    Oh, now you faggots have a problem with trannies? Any other time you fags are drooling all over them. I’ve pointed out tranny after tranny when they’re posted. And just because they say it’s a woman, all you homos just be drooling and playing with you’re little peckers over these dudes.

    But the moment this site actually tells you it’s a tranny. Now it’s a problem?


    1. Dindu Nuffins

      People can and do have their own opinions. Just because they don’t agree with yours, does not make them wrong.

  14. Pete s

    I had to look this chick up. Sure enough, Wikipedia says she’s 39. I would have bet anything she was over 60. Scary.

  15. Todd Maskell

    I don’t like tattoos. I don’t like piercings.

    I’ve never expressed the view that people with piercings or tattoos should be discriminated against.

    People with tattoos and piercings should be free to do with their body whatever they want to do.

    You don’t have to look at the results and say it’s beautiful, but you don’t get to tell them what to do with their bodies. People have a bunch of ugly tattoos and piercings. Like, a lot.

    Takes a lot of strength to walk her life. When she was born as a little boy she was a weedy little dipshit, who was probably bullied every single day of her life. It takes enormous strength for someone to realise who they are and stick with it.

    It’s a lot easier to stand at the sidelines, surrounded by similar opinions, and criticise someone who probably exercised more strength of character when they were ten, that you would in your entire life.

    1. Michael j croc

      Go fucking kikk yourself. This is a freak and I don’t care what they do to mutilate their own bodies. Just down she me this tranny faggot bullshit on this site. I did not choose to look up nasty ass tranny porn. So fucking gross they all should be tortured and murdered publicly

  16. All American

    If I wanted to look at a mentally unstable mutilated man run around half naked I would hang out at the VA mental ward.

  17. no tranny porn

    damn, this was a good site for a few years but i’m out. tranny porn? how could you possibly think your audience wanted this? i’m out

  18. Jj Cameron

    How has this tranny not been beaten to death like all tranny’s should be. I just wanted to say I once enjoyed this site. And because of this, it is officially my time to move on from this site.

  19. Steph79

    If you want add shemales to your website please look after models like :

    Carmen Moore, Bruna Butterfly, Kimber Lee, Aubrey Kate, Sienna Grace, Bailey Jay

    but not pictures like this, it’s just horrible.

  20. David

    She was born in 1978. She’s British. They aren’t always known for their beauty. Just look at their royalty. So there you go. Math and a genetics lessons all in one. No one said you had to click or comment. The preview pick should have kept you away, but here you are….

  21. Merkin

    When did this site start posting post-op trannies and calling them woman? WTMF. Simply disgusting. He look like he’s fucking retarded.

  22. Turd Ferguson

    What in the ever living fuck is that? It looks like a burn victim. Why would you think this is something that anyone would want to see on this site?


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