Lauren Bonner Nude (17 Photos)

Check out some old nude photos of Lauren Bonner photographed by Pele Joez (2015). Lauren Bonner is an American model, actress. Age: 29 years old.


17 thoughts on “Lauren Bonner Nude (17 Photos)

  1. Nameo

    God she looks terrible. Ribcage and hipbones are not sexy. Jeez, the modeling industry needs new standards. The women are vastly overrated and look absolutely horrid.

    It’s called food, I wish they were allowed to eat more of it

    1. Oz

      Oh… the internet! She’s hotter than anything you’ve ever worked up the courage to talk to. Let alone pull in. Who are you kidding, dork? Don’t reply back to me with some false confidence as if what I said was wrong either. Post a pic of yourself and what you’re railing or take the beating.

  2. Name

    Man she looks terrible. I wish the modeling industry would change their standards. Ribcage and hipbones are not fucking sexy. Allow them to eat more food. Jeez, these models are all overrated and look god awful

      1. Name

        It’s funny that you call yourself retarded. Don’t do that, I’m sure your parents raised you right. She looks fucking terrible. I’ve seen Sam’s clerks that look better than this twig. She’s a 2. Fuck outta here. Leave it up to you retards to find hip bones “sexy”. Blech

        1. klawicki

          Seriously, NAME…give it up. No one is ever going to care about you in any way your entire lonely life. She really doesn’t care that a lifelong welfare virgin who will die all alone cares about her. NO ONE cares what you think about them. No one will ever care that you are alive, except the people that wish you weren’t,.. And the reasons WHY you will die all alone (most likely via suicide when you just can’t take one more second of loneliness) is because you don’t even WANT to grow up. Which is fine..but stop taking up my fucking oxygen. There were several states that legalized assisted suicide. And trust me..NO doctor would deny you the right to die. It would go against their Hippocratic Oath once you described your life


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