Lady Gaga Nude – Gaga: Five Foot Two (2017) HD 1080p Web

Download new HD video with Lady Gaga from documentary Gaga: Five Foot Two (2017). Lady Gaga is an American singer-songwriter, actress (A Star Is Born – 2018). Age – 31.


27 thoughts on “Lady Gaga Nude – Gaga: Five Foot Two (2017) HD 1080p Web

  1. done24u

    I don’t understand why I find her so fucking hot. There is nothing outstanding about her. She is kind of average in the looks department. But for some reason I find her absolutely HOT.

    1. Facts is facts

      Probably cuz she’s tucking more cock and balls than AJ,p. And, you are a homo. No worries, AJ has provided his definitions of gender specific identities for all those confused

    2. Les Grossman

      Fame. That’s why. I’m in the same boat. I would love to see her saggy tits flapping around as she rides. Then hit that chunky butt in doggy. But I wouldn’t look twice at her if she were a regular chick passing by on the street.

  2. JR Salami

    I also find her weirdly SEXY…she’s hideous on the face and he body is average. But hopefully she’s a freak in bed…the nastiest of them all….into all kind of deviant stuff. **However, she’s probably a lame duck in bed…nothing special,. So then you r stuck with an ugly ho, with average sagging body n dead fuck.

    1. MacCready

      A hot 4? I’ve just heard it off of Patrice O’Neal, and that’s the best way I can describe her. I dunno why I find her attractive, but I do.


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