Kylie Jenner Selfie (1 New Photo)

Here is a new sexy selfie photo of Kylie Jenner in a bra from Twitter, 07/23/2017. Kylie Jenner is an American reality star, social media star, designer, actress, socialite, model, businesswoman. Age: 19 years old.


20 thoughts on “Kylie Jenner Selfie (1 New Photo)

  1. Tits. Garbage. Tits.

    One of the cheapest pieces of trash imaginable, but damn that is one fine body! I don’t care if her tits aren’t real, they are spectacular!!!

  2. The Mad King

    I will always wonder why boys like these big fake plastic tits, ass, and bodies. I say boys because real men like to grab all natural assets instead of a fake plastic Barbie doll.

    1. The Fag King

      Don’t shit on Barbie Just because you prefer Ken. As long as you and your boyfriends enjoy grabbing each others “assets”, leave us the fuck alone.

  3. Wiggles

    Well, I guess the push-up bra excuse is out the window now that it’s obvious this bra has no padding.

  4. Cum dumpster with snap on handles

    Putting brass handles on a dumpster doesn’t make it anything more than a dumpster. In this case she got the plastic handles and she’s still a cum dumpster.

  5. Robert

    Fake family. Their mother is a pimp that pimps out all of her daughters. Hollywood loves that and promotes the hell out of it to continue their assault on American values.

    1. Merkin

      Ok, I’m ready to pick up the pieces when they fall. I don’t give 2 fucks about her family or well-being. Just get naked.


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