Krysten Ritter Naked (New 9 Photos)

Krysten Ritter Naked from iCloud.

Krysten Ritter Naked 001

Krysten Ritter Naked 002

Krysten Ritter Naked 003

Krysten Ritter Naked 004

Krysten Ritter Naked 005

Krysten Ritter Naked 006

Krysten Ritter Naked 007

Krysten Ritter Naked 008

Krysten Ritter Naked 009

18 thoughts on “Krysten Ritter Naked (New 9 Photos)

      1. KlausDavi

        She’s not that tall in person, probably 1,70 or 1,72cm which is more that the average but not supertall. Of course with today’s high heel fashion shoes (12cm + 4cm of sole) she looks over 6” in public. But again we live times in which you might meet a girl who appears pretty tall like 1,70-1,74cm then she gets off those things and she suddenly becomes a 1,62cm tall dwarf.

  1. Krysten Ritter Fan #1

    Hi Krysten – In the small chance that you ever Google yourself and find these pics and the comments below and wanted to tell you that I am a huge fan of your work. I fell in lust with you watching Breaking Bad and later all over again on Don’t Trust the Bitch. You are sooo cute, nerdy, and yet cool. Your eyes are like heaven and your lips make me feel funny. I would love to buy you a drink sometime.


    1. Yep

      I’d like to buy you a drink LMAO You would have a better chance of winning the Powerball while a meteorite diamond crashes through your roof.

        1. KlausDavi

          If that was David Beckham he would not write on this dumb site but ask his agent to arrange for one of his staff to get in touch with her staff and so on. Never guessed how most movie/sports/TV superstars appear to “know each others” or date suddenly out of the blue? It’s not that they casually meet somewhere secret (well sometimes it is but not often) it’s that they ring p their press agent/staff and ask them to get “her/his phonenumber” or arrange a date,

    2. Krytsen Ritter

      Hi David.
      Oddly enough I did exactly what you said, glad you enjoyed my Fofo shots. Give me a shout some time, pop a msg to my email. x

  2. KlausDavi

    As a personal comment if the photos are her’s she must have an IQ of 55…what’s the meaning of taking pictures of your punany and diffusing them online? Really low self esteem and class….at that point go porn like the rest.

    1. Barney

      Are you a troll or just an idiot? A lot of pics here, including Krysten’s weren’t even supposed to be for your eyes, but some hackers got them and now it’s all over the web.

  3. Whatevee

    Did anyone notice she’s wearing an orthopedic boot in one of the pics? Any info on her hgaving twisted an ankle or something?


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