Krysten Ritter Naked (6 Photos)

Krysten Ritter New Photos from iPhone.

Krysten Ritter Naked 001

Krysten Ritter Naked 002

Krysten Ritter Naked 003

Krysten Ritter Naked 004

Krysten Ritter Naked 005

Krysten Ritter Naked 006

10 thoughts on “Krysten Ritter Naked (6 Photos)

  1. jank brock

    If that is the bitch from breaking bad I’m impressed. Great ass..fabulous pussy great sexy bush. I would put a tongue deep in her pussy and ass.

  2. DM

    Fake…. The real Krysten has 4 or 5 visible tattoos on her legs,including the back of her right calf, this chick has none… Still a nice box though

  3. Doofy

    Every girl looks like they have a nice tight box with these posed shots of less than an inch showing. Could be all loose, floppy, and like a boxers ear for all you can tell. Hopefully not the case but absolutely no way to tell.

    1. Argentus

      Except look at her in full-body pics, some of which are nude/near-nude. She’s tight and gorgeous and older than you by 15 years, I’d bet.


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