Krystal_A_Fit – Snapchat, 12/03/2017

Watch the video of Krystal_A_Fit from Snapchat (2017). Krystal_A_Fit is an American fitness model.


15 thoughts on “Krystal_A_Fit – Snapchat, 12/03/2017

    1. ballen

      fitness girls have to, any fitness girl you see that are serious into what they do that got bigger boobs than a cups got fake titts

  1. Sceptic

    Is it me or does she have barely any muscle definition to be considered a fitness model…

    Just a slim woman with fake tits.

  2. SmallTitsFTW1

    Why do women feel compelled to fuck up a perfect body with fake tits? There really is truth in “dumb blonde”

    1. Tigger

      All bras are padded now with a big old foam pad in that if you’re an A cup or D cup they prevent being see-through and hard nipples from being shown it sucks.


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