Kristen Wiig Nude – Welcome to Me (2014) HD 1080p

Screeshots and clips with Kristen Wiig from “Welcome To Me” (2014). Kristen Wiig is an American actress (The Martian (2015), Ghostbusters (2016), Sausage Party (2016)), comedian, writer, and producer. Age: 43 (August 22, 1973).

Kristen Wiig Nude 7

Kristen Wiig Nude 1

Kristen Wiig Nude 2

Kristen Wiig Nude 3

Kristen Wiig Nude 4

Kristen Wiig Nude 5

Kristen Wiig Nude 6

Kristen Wiig Nude 8

Kristen Wiig Nude 9

Kristen Wiig Nude 10


14 thoughts on “Kristen Wiig Nude – Welcome to Me (2014) HD 1080p

  1. sparkx

    wow – kinda surprised she’d do this. Can’t say it’s a bad body. Hell – I wish my girlfriend looked this good!

  2. The dude

    It would be very hot if I could just be sure that’s her real bush and not a merkin. Also, it would be helpful to see her butt crack – I actually prefer butt shots these days in the movies because you can’t merkinize a butt. When you see a butt crack, that’s real. Of course , you can use a butt double, so I appreciate it when the girl looks over her shoulder to show it’s really her (think Kim Delaney in Nypd Blue). So, anyway, the point is that I hope that bad girl is real and not a wig, no pun intended.

  3. The dude

    Also, I wish these actresses would stop being so shy and show their pudendal cleft, more commonly known as the pudendal fissure. There is no reason to be shy about it – everyone has one, except men, and it’s not like you need to worry about how big or small it is like a man would. I doubt we’ll see much of this in my lifetime, but one can hope that attitudes will change in the next few generations.

  4. The dude

    I know I am overcommenting at this point, but I just realized that there is no bush. In a photo editing program, you can crank up exposure and see what I mean. However, they seem to have purposely darkened the area to prevent you from seeing too much (you can see a little). That’s a shadow edited into the film, not a bush.

  5. Ron Oliver

    Remember Lena Headey in GOT? She might had her head put digitally in another body. I’m still waiting confirmation for this. If it’s true, then it’s becoming a trend with female comedians, like Sarah Silverman.

    1. asdfawrfdsf

      Are you fucking retarded ?

      It was obviously her,

      1, she said so
      2, she was very pregnant at the time
      3, you’re a moron if you can’t tell it’s CGI
      4, that’s clearly not her body in any aspect

  6. some guy who read the comments

    For anyone who thinks that’s not really Kristen Wiig, please see this link and an interview with her about the scene.


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