Kristen Stewart Nude – Personal Shopper (2016) HD 1080p Blu-ray

Download HQ video with Kristen Stewart (as Maureen) from Personal Shopper (2016). Kristen Stewart is an actress (Clouds of Sils Maria, 2014) from USA. Age – 26 (born April 9, 1990).

36 thoughts on “Kristen Stewart Nude – Personal Shopper (2016) HD 1080p Blu-ray

  1. CK

    Very nice set of tits. I think her pair is one of the most underrated in Hollywood. Now I anxiously await the HQ images of K-Stew.

  2. Mike

    At least Kristen Stewart’s Tit’s are real! She’s not afraid to show her real body. I think almost everyone in the thread can respect that. I will always take natural over implants any day.

  3. SoKo

    Nice Tits, but have you seen her lately?
    Jesus, she seriously buched up!
    Bleach blond with a buzz cut, I shit you not!
    Looks like Sinéad O’Connor!!
    Nah, whatever she had, she lost a long time ago.
    She’s just in the death throws of celebrity culture, she’ll be gone soon.

    1. gumbosoup

      she’s obviously still getting jobs, and if she’s borderline a-list celeb who also gets naked, she’ll keep getting them.

      1. Jim

        For now she can still just about live on her Twilight fame and her “look at me I came out the closet aren’t I a special snowflake” routine but that won’t last long and she’s gonna have to rely on her acting ability. Good luck with that.

        1. RizzoM

          You’re kidding, right? Look up Clouds of Sils Mariia. She won an award for her role in that film for her acting. She’ll be just fine, troll.

  4. Zippo

    definitely not as pretty as before she came out and someone stole her tits….they should be on a milk carton….

  5. SoKo

    So, at one point in my life I would have given my left testical to have seen her naked. Now she is, I’m like… Meh?
    So I will leve it to you to decide if she is now hot or not…

    So here is before;

    And this is now;

    1. Twifapp

      I completely agree with you and i feel the same way but even tho she might look different now she is still the same person and i might wank one out and think about the old her.

  6. Jay~D

    You know she like women right? How was that a shocker.Yea I don’t see the appeal of her at skinny girl A or B cups need some meat on her bones and cant act at all. Always act like a shy little girl in her movies speak up

  7. zippo

    never understood what the hype about her was all abiut….B-list actress who cant put her truss on straight, so fucking what she was in a bunch of teenage vampire movies no big whoop….no tits goofy head and face….yuck

  8. mulder

    Beautiful woman, great body. Her breasts are perfectly fine, nothing wrong with a nice B-cup and WAY better than fake D-cups.

  9. Severin

    One of Europe’s porn directors who specialize in more polished “erotica” type content, or maybe even just an indie/San Francisco porn studio, should pair her with Riley Nixon in a g/g scene or a full feature. I actually think she’d consider that kind of an offer if the director and the director’s work impressed her enough and if she hit it off with Riley.

    Short of that a leaked sex tape of Kristen and Stella would do just fine.

  10. TrumpSupporter86

    You guys are fucking pedophiles if you like flat “tits” like that. She looks underaged, no meat on her at all. Anorexic bitch.

    1. BcupFan

      We like “real” tits. Don’t give a fuck if they’re big or small, just want ’em real. Oh, as far as your “pedo” comment. If your mind goes there, YOU are the one with that on the mind. I see a woman that has nipples that won’t be facing her toes when she’s 60. Small tits look great a hell of a lot longer than big fake tits that look cartoonish the older a woman gets. Small tits give gravity the finger.

  11. Sean Bassingale

    Is this girl really that bored with it all? She has the sex appeal of mud and looks about as interesting. I doubt she could carry on an intelligent conversation in a group or one-on-one. You could not have a personality conflict with her because she has no personality.

  12. Chris Manning

    Stick-figure actress who would weigh less than her implants, providing she ever got them. About the best thing she ever did was to finally own up to her sexuality in now being a rug muncher. And I think I speak for everyone in saying no, we don’t want to watch you in action…


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