Kim Kardashian West Sexy (11 Pics)

Kim Kardashian West posted some sexy photos photographed by Greg Swales for Vogue India (March 2018).


16 thoughts on “Kim Kardashian West Sexy (11 Pics)

  1. Doug

    The first pic, and the repeating one, is Kim K’s face like, what are you doing watching mommy change? And im like, why are you changing? And shes like; what does it matter?! Get out! and Im like; But I thought you loved me, you tell me Im your first bor-… and shes all like; what does it matter?! Dont make me tell you twice! Get out or I’ll tell Daddy and youll see what hes really like!

    1. Cracka Killa

      You tell me, you’re the one that clicked on the link to see her scrolled down to see her pics then made a comment to tell the world of your disgust as if anyone cares. You sir, are a Loser

  2. Humpback Herman

    Sorry racists youll never convince me shes not hot as hell. She may have few uses, but she was definitely born to fuck.

  3. peter dobson

    This smells tooo rich for me!!!! Yuck. Get this WHALE off the internet and into a asylum for mentally instable people.

  4. richie

    A damn shame same typically childish comments try to find a better job kids I’m gonna leave this website too though y’all should realize even if jealousy make you acting stupid and wrong she’s a lady.


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