Kim Kardashian Sexy (29 Photos)

Kim Kardashian shows off her huge fake butt on family vacation in Mexico, 04/24/2017. Kim Kardashian West is an American model, reality TV & media star, actress (Drop Dead Diva – TV Series), entrepreneur, socialite. Age – 36 yo (born October 21, 1980).


120 thoughts on “Kim Kardashian Sexy (29 Photos)

    1. David

      Kanye is like 6ft what the hell are you talking about bandit leave that racist shit in your mothers basement

      1. Jokes4Dayz

        Keep that racist shit out of here. Just comment on the nasty looking cottage cheese air bubble and bounce.

  1. Lee King Snatch

    that dumper is a bigger joke than shia labeouf’s movie career. i’d hate to see her toilet size and the amount of servants and toilet paper is needed to clean it. she could have saved 400 lives from the titanic

  2. MaitlandWardIsBetter

    Wish someone would wipe every single kardashawhore off the face of the earth. Talentless, worthless, ugly nigger fucking whores .

  3. Dizz

    What in the absolute holy fuck is that shit?!?!? No, just no! What the eyes cannot unsee! No joke, Kanye must be packing about 15 inches to be able to penetrate that pussy from behind through all that shit, holy fucking ass cheeks!

  4. Shrink

    130 years ago, she would’ve been an attraction on a traveling freakshow alongside three-legged dudes, bearded ladies and the Elephant Man. Since none of them would be considered “sexy” today, I struggle to understand why she is. That thing on her rear doesn’t even look human. It looks horrific in a call 911 type way. I’m not trying to be mean, I’m serious, the sight literally makes my stomach turn.

  5. chris

    I love the shape. Maybe it’s because shes not as tan as she usually is, so it doesn’t look as nice. It needs to look like Kourt’s ass in terms of looks not size. This is what we need from Khloe & Kylie asap.

  6. Ass Man

    Ok I pride my self on being fond of the bootay, some men love dem titties, others prefer a “winning personality”. However……. as an ass man this woman offends me cuz that is just too much ass. Last time I saw an ass that horrifying WWE did a close up of Rikishi Fatu’s enormous ass during a match. Also stop labeling shit sexy when it’s not sexy it’s misleading and a lie!

  7. Eric Theodore Cartman

    My favorite part is that all the main stream media covering these pictures acts like she and her ass is perfectly natural and then that she is hero for showing her natural ass with a “little” cellulite.
    Anyone that isn’t blind or a liar can see this ass has been freakishly mutated with all kinds of doctor treatments.

  8. Phillipe

    Please don’t title things “sexy” when you really mean “will make you throw up”. I wasn’t a Kardashian fan to begin with, but this is hideous now. No more, please!

  9. Scratchy

    I don’t give Paris Hilton maNY props for anything but when she said Kim’a as was a “trashbag full of cottage cheese”… she was spot on.

  10. Bye Kim

    Didn’t look like that when she was nude holding up the binliner dress?! I am amazed her public relations team have allowed that dimply deflated beach ball ass to go out infront of cameras for a 2nd day. Are they trying to boost Kylie by making Kim look a wreck? I’ve never had a thing for deformed women but its nice to see there is a community of wierdos in the comments here supporting the cause.

    “What is she talented at? She’s talented at being beautiful” – Kanye West

    Nice to see her ass is going the same way as his career.

  11. Shane

    after reading the comments it’s good to see I’m not the only one who thinks this bitch and her gross ass is disgusting

  12. quick Fingers

    buncha needle dick stick figure fantasizing virgins in this thread if you didn’t like her move on your on a masturbating site

  13. Jigga F

    To see “Kim Khardasian Sexy” then to scroll down to see an attention whore N—- lover huge cellulite ass with fake lips and a nose job, makes me fall off my seat. Enough with her already. She used to be good looking about 10 years ago before surgery and cellulite. You’d think with all her money she’d smooth that cottage cheese out. Gross!

    1. Bottom's up!

      Yet we can guarantee you’ll click every post she’s in, cuckold. You may go back to drinking your black master’s sperm.

  14. Aaaatomik

    Ugly as shit. How come anyone considers this ass beautiful or sexy? When she made her sex tape, then she was sexy and beautiful, but now!!!

  15. Blabberpuss

    I’m jusf happy to see reasonable commentary on this medically-altered asstrocity. Her stank flaps look like the mutated biceps of the Brazilians that do the Synthol injections. Fucking nausea-inducing.

  16. Georgia97

    Jesus. You all took the bait. That is not KK. Never in her life has she let photos of her like this be taken. Total click bait.

  17. No Bueno

    Just goes to show that the ass plastic they inject into these asses has an expiration date. Kim and Iggy are prime examples.

  18. Black mon

    I thought iggy azalea’s was was grossed but I legit puked after seeing this. No wonder Kanye lost his mind.

  19. mark hammer

    That’s what happens when you get butt implants when your big and lose weight — the ass doesn’t shrink. Grossly out of proportion and lumpy. I couldn’t look at that let alone have sex with it.

  20. Trump-a Loon-pa

    Ok, I’ll admit it. Her ass is too big now.

    I like to f*ck girls in the ass. I LOVE big ass cheeks. Feels amazing. But THIS… Maybe it FEELS nice once you’re in there but it sure LOOKS grotesque enough to make you think it twice.

  21. Dirk E. Sanchez

    Jesus titty fucking christ, that is one hell of a disgusting site! How long till she is on that show Botched to get that fucked up hack job fixed up?

  22. Dirk E. Sanchez

    Jesus Titty Fucking Christ, that is DISGUSTING! How long till she is on Botched! to get those overinflated balloons removed?

  23. Charles Bemins

    So sexy. That body is amazing. These other guys complaining are lying and just hating knowing they can’t handle it…they know damn well they’d be all over that if they could.

  24. PussLover

    She’s a total fat ass (literally) PIG, in my opinion. A lot of people like those big, fat asses (& that’s fine) but not me!……….. and NO, I would NEVER TOUCH that fat nasty bitch even if she THREW her shit my way! That fact that she’s with that TOTAL FUCKING ASSHOLE is just a BONUS! (“RACE” not even a factor in Kanye’s ASSHOLE-NESS!)
    In fact, the only reason why I EVER click on her pics is to read all the funny comments here! LOL

  25. Chris

    You people are all pathetic. Get a life and do something other than use sites like this to post your racist ridiculous comments. All you people just sitting behind your computer screens blasting her on here. What’s the point exactly? What does it accomplish? Some people think she’s fine AF and others don’t. If you don’t like her or find her unattractive or ugly that’s fine. Just get on with your life. Remember nobody held a gun to your head and MADE you click on the headline. YOU did it on your own volition (that means you did it on your own for those of you inbred retards on here who don’t have full grasp of the English language). HATERS GONNA HATE!

  26. Bob

    I wish I could see me sister’s nude body. She has a big ass and big natural boobs. If my sister was DTF, I’d bang her! I’d make out with her, eat my sister out, titf–k her, f–k her and cum on her face!

  27. Bob

    I want my sisters body! If my sister was DTF, I’d make out with her, eat her out, do her big natural boobs, and then have hot sex with her!

  28. Bob Jones

    I want my sis’s body! If my sister was DTF, I’d make out with her, eat her out, do her big natural boobs, and then have hot sex with her!

  29. Joe Smith

    I want my sibling’s body! If she was DTF, I’d make out with her, eat her out, do her big natural boobs, and then have hot sex with her!

  30. annonymous

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