Kim Kardashian Sexy (21 New Photos)

Kim Kardashian does a new photoshoot at the beach in Malibu, 01/28/2018. Kimberly Kardashian West is an American reality television personality, socialite, actress, businesswoman and model. Born in: October 21, 1980.


68 thoughts on “Kim Kardashian Sexy (21 New Photos)

      1. Merkin

        I’d be afraid while fucking her doggy silicone would shoot out her asshole and hit me in the eye. She’s was smokin hot at one point but she’s become a freak show in the last few years.

  1. mcl

    I think she’s hot but I really wish she’d stop with the white hair and stop with the Bo Derek braids. It looks like shit. She suits dark hair.

  2. BillyBlob

    You’d better get your eyes checked. There is *nothing* ‘sexy’ about this pavement-cracking, large-assed attention-seeking whore. Anyone who thinks she’s hot must have a pathetic life…

      1. BillyBlob

        When your mom gets off your teeny pee pee, take a better look. Fat-assed, cum dumpster urinal. Guess that’s a step up from your mom.

        1. Not a chubby chaser

          Small cocked synthetic doll owner^^.

          Obviously he doesn’t realize his micro penis won’t make it to either of the sloppy stinky cavernous holes of this pig because he’s stopped out by that grotesquely ginormous synthetic fat ass.

  3. Nacho

    Why has she all of a sudden gone: “ no i dont want you to see my boobs” like fucking hell not as if she has hidden them before

  4. Don

    What an absolutely DISGUSTING fat ass that woman has. She makes a horse look good. Ugh, I’m so grossed out. Her cheeks are like two 50-pound sacks of cellulite.

  5. Dimple buster

    Lol, spraying on the “dimple be gone” to cover that cottage cheese puckered fat ass. What a fucking pig. How these young idiots idolize this porker is beyond me.

  6. peter dobson

    I think they shoult shoot every WHALE stranded on the beach. That way we can avoid these photoshoots.
    Better save then sorry is my motto.
    Useless animals. Just like useless selfie- and photostars

  7. George

    I like big asses just like any man this ass however is unnatural and abnormal. It doesnt suit the rest of the body at all. So bad its unfappable.

  8. Rocky rickyrob

    Anyone who thinks that there asses are hot is a fucking liar… first off, think how much shit is caked into that butthole??? Or into her finger nails from having to dig her entire fist into her massive ass cheeks to get the shit out!!! So if you are into fecies then that’s your woman. She has the same hip dimensions as a fucking hippo! No joke, do the math, they share the same Ass to body ratio! So go bang your hippos you bunch of fucking disgusting disgraceful dumbasses. This bitch is the scourge of the earth. She has banged 3/5ths of the rappers in America and her other sluts she calls sisters and her husband have banged the other 2/5ths. Stop trying to act cool, shame this bitch to suicide and make this world a better place!

    1. oh, damn

      And who do you think you are, do you made something to be proud of it? Do you built a good thing? Do you gave your help ever to homeless people? I don’t think so and that being said you should stop thinking to suggest to a person words like ” suicide ” and other bullshit as you said that makes no sense.
      As many other children you just waste your time talking fake bullshit while good people as her actually try to help people and to fight poverty in the world through various charitable deeds, damn.
      By the way, it’s obvious that you don’t have even the fuckin’ little idea about her or any other people who behind the gossip game are actually real humble and good people.
      I don’t know if you will realize this fact one day.

      1. Tigger

        It’s been proven she does no charity work or use her celebrity to help anyone. All her charities are tax Haven’s for her money. Dunkoff

        1. oh, damn

          Actually it’s been proven you don’t have any idea about what humble she is and to how many people she offered her support with charity foundations for free.
          Also it’s obvious you don’t know anything about any women from bizz, and I’m talking based on knowledge while you and other children just spray blame, lies and bullshit and what a waste of time.
          Gonna be only much better if you would think on your own business.
          Maybe you’ll understand this one day.

  9. Brazilian boy

    I’m Brazilian and so I really like big butts but this ass is fake (Brazil has a custom of not approving false asses). But I do not care, I wanted to have the job of the gay from the first photo, I would not need to receive a salary for this !!!! Kim is the mother of all prostitutes !!!!!

  10. Eric

    Listen, I’m a brother and even I have my limits……That’s just too much fake ass. She’s out of proportion.
    If you hung her upside down and cover her from the waist up…..she’d look like a big bell gong…..lolol

  11. Dwayne

    Everyone who comes to this site and calls people whales are faggots! Post your picture! If you are anywhere NEAR what women find attractive, I’m sure you wouldn’t be on this site talking shit

  12. Eric

    Has she contracted some sort of disease add , that load of artificial fat bulging on the midsection of her backside. Looks like a disease

    1. Gadget

      Sure. Everyone who doesn’t have a fetish for jarring deformities is gay. Don’t like midgets with two blimps where her ass should be? Gay. Don’t jerk off to the elephant man? Fudgepacker. Don’t have a boner for osteogenesis imperfecta? Faggot. Don’t have the hots for 3rd degree burn victims with no nose, ears or eyelids? Fairy. Don’t get a pants tent when you see a double amputee? Ya cocksucking fanook.

  13. Farbmueller

    This fucking PT Barnum reject could actually serve a purpose: Put the whale on display and have all straight men study it. If they react appropriately, i.e. along the lines of projectile vomiting uncontrollably or just looking really pale and stuttering “I-I-I can’t believe such deformities exist. Everything below the waist is a complete genetic meltdown. She might as well be a m-m-mermaid. Please tell me this is a nightmare and wake me from it.” Those guys are good, solid, well adjusted humans and should be free to go.

    But those who react with even the slightest sign of approval, ranging from “not 100% disgusting” to “oooh lemme tap dat ass”, need to be removed from the gene pool. And before they die, they need to suffer like nobody ever suffered, even in the middle ages. Forget the breaking wheel, the Judas cradle, the iron maiden and other medieval torture methods. I’m talking suffering not yet imagined. I’m talking suffering that would make Hannibal Lecter crawl up in a fetal position.

    1. and

      And do you know that you’re contradicting yourself when you said this, anyway. It’s not good to deserve or think bad about other people, when reality will knock at your door you’ll realize that you were just wrong when you said things like. And also you should think at your own business than waste your time with such rude and no sense comments as you said.
      Maybe you will understand this fact one day.

  14. KardashiansAMan

    Jesus Christ I used to find this Woman attractive! Who knew that Eminem could predict the future? Go watch the ‘We Made You’ music video.

  15. Jerry Lewis

    I like all these retards that think she is great and sexy.Its no coincidence that most how them cant spell in their posts.

    1. NormPeterson

      Your an asswipe.
      You think everyone’s a faggot because they don’t find every woman attractive.You probably beat your little dick off to Lena Dunham and Hilary Clinton.

  16. lol damn

    ”El Matador ”
    So funny to see a child believe he has the knowledge and right to say to somebody to shut up, little boy what you’ve missed was all I’ve talked above is true and btw as age I could be your daddy, think about this.

  17. Ron

    If I was that guy I would fucking bend her over and let her scream whilst I filled her pussy, her ass is so delicious I want to fucking suck her toes

    1. Mr Ray

      Another childish disrespectful and no sense comment in case you haven’t learned to express your appreciation to a lady would be much better to say nothing… First try to drip away your frustration into another place or better yet letting your mind’s eye to open and realize you might make a good change to your attitude young boy no girl would tolerate such an attitude as yours … It’s obvious only people which had an unfortunate childhood like no hugs and and lovely words would act like sorry for you hope when you will maybe have a girlfriend you’ll think like a grown man then see what’s the right life’s way.

  18. Arian G

    What does the jealousy … Assuming a few of you guys they’re know who they’re okay showing only frustration it gives you back nothing good honestly hope you guys to understand that expressing appreciation as a humble as you can and love it’s the only positive way to have a good day.

    1. aweena

      Dang, you actually wanted to say your cock is on your hands to fapp like a unemployed little boy and think how could you have a girlfriend a skinny girl tbh puberty things, anyway at least you should first learn how to talk normally building a vocabulary like a humble and educated men… hopefully you might realize this one day.


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