Kim Kardashian See Through (4 Pics)

She won’t stop until she burns us! Kim Kardashian posted some sexy BTS photos from her ELLE photoshoot on Instagram, 03/17/2018.  Kim Kardashian is a reality TV star, model, actress, businesswoman. Age – 37.


All of the BTS from my cover shoot are on my app!

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14 thoughts on “Kim Kardashian See Through (4 Pics)

  1. Dizz

    Simply the ugliest whore alive…. i’d even stick it in that Donatella Versace monster before i’d fuck this overrated cunt!

  2. Dee

    have beautiful women died off or what? we don’t need cunts pumped with plastic and hips wider than the state of Texas, yuck.

  3. eric

    I’m so happy so many women look up to her and try to make their bodies look like Kim’s. She really is the perfect woman, physically anyway

    1. A. Ray

      Dear boy, please spare us that! … There’s no way to expect a drink in the company of any woman having such an ill breading and worthless attitude. Don’t not talk stupid only for seeking attention boy if there were near you at the fast food even a skinny girl it would made you wet, boy.. that’s why you gonna learn first how to express your words to a girl as grown person. And btw despite others life inexperienced peers would say Kim’s the definition of a humble and true lady whether you like it or not, peace and that’s why young peers might perceive one day.

  4. Patrick

    Is there really any point in enhancing a see-through photo of somebody we’ve all already seen completely naked & sucking cock?

  5. peter dobson

    I keep saying it: Get this WHALE back into the ocean and be gone with it.
    It will float on all the plastic in it’s body.


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