Kim Kardashian: Big Mom Is Watching You (7 Photos)

Kimberly Kardashian presents her new wet photo shoot for US Elle (April 2018). Too hot for this proper magazine. The 37-year-old dwarf reality TV star photographed and photoshopped by Boo George.


13 thoughts on “Kim Kardashian: Big Mom Is Watching You (7 Photos)

  1. peter dobson

    In the last century they used a harpoon to slay a WHALE.
    This WHALE can only be slayed by starving her to death.
    And that is when we do not post any pictures of this disgusting useless creature.

  2. Severin

    Where the hell are the pics of her big beautiful ASS? Did they seriously put her in latex leggings and not take any ass pics?!

  3. Jimmy

    According to Elle: Big Mom Is Watching You

    According to 95% of the men in the world that are not legally blind: Big Momma is hidding her fat ass.


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