Katy Perry See Through (1 Photo)

Check out the outtake photo of Katy Perry photographed by Christian Oita for Wonderland Magazine (2015). Katy Perry is an American singer, songwriter, actress. Born: October 25, 1984.


24 thoughts on “Katy Perry See Through (1 Photo)


    Every single day since the original Fappening, the blessed 31st of August 2014, I have been praying and praying for a leak of Katy’s magnificent tits.
    Of all the celebrities, these are the tits I most desire to see in their full nude and uncensored glory, hopefully in naked pictures taken when she was younger and her breasts were in their absolute perkiest prime.
    No matter what Katy does to her hair, she will always have one of the greatest pairs of tits in the world (until they start to get saggy – so please Katy hurry up with the topless pics).

    Wouldn’t mind a close look at her beautiful, juicy pussy either.

    PLEASE Russian hackers, forget about Hillary’s damn emails and get us nude pics of these divine tits!!!

    1. Tino

      Lol i feel the exact same way, every since she released i kissed a girl I’ve been dying to see those boobs!!!!! Katy is just gorgeous and breathtaking!!


      1. Alexssander Carlos Dragoni

        Nah, this is lame, we want to actually be able to see if perfectly, this is the same as the pic above.

    2. ben

      Ok PLEASE ! but show us your butt before, i’m longing to see it. And make it quick before you’re too fat/old/dirty. Thanks 🙂

    3. Tigger

      Katy is the best of all the pop stars, I can actually stand to hear some of her music. But she is the prettiest, I think the leaks of her are a hoax

  2. Spankmaster

    Certainly a very growl worthy woman who will eventually own up to her bisexuality and stop all that horseshit about praying the gay away. That being said, she will hopefully sooner than later do an evil, nasty home made porn tape of herself with equally hopeful Taylor Swift and give us all a large throbbing feeling. So stand back please, we have lift off…

    1. Slim Pedro

      Praying the gay away? Really? She’s one of the most verbal libtard, pro-gay people in Hollywood.
      But I’m in agreement with you about hoping for some nasty home video. I just hope it’s either pre-haircut, or after her hair has grown back.


    Goddamn what is that for a world everywhere you look tangas curling out through ass grooves, breasts swell out, fuck me views of overmoulded model sluts, on every private channel in every magazine and newspaper, in every advertisement, everything is about sex, FUCKING, PORN, suck, LICKING, pussies, youporn, COCKS, at night in the disco they are looking for fresh meat. THIS IS PORNO HOLOCAUST, this world drowns in CUM and CUNT JUICE.. PORNO HOLOCAUST

    1. Spankmaster

      Calm down mate. Just go fuck Adolf Hitler and then cum on the pages of Mien Kampf. The porn holocaust ended years ago and no one drowned in cum juice, excluding of course your brain. We have the right to be consenting perverts here, so in the best interests of humanity, please disappear up your arse and never come back…

  4. Katy Get Naked

    The person who decided to censor this picture should only be fed purple polka-dot worms for the rest of their life.

  5. hopefapper

    nobody even really care about her anymore. I hope she does the getting progressively more slutty and naked thing to try and stay relevant

  6. Doug

    Um, not everyone lives in LA, New York or Miami, a good portion of America just lives in a cabin or a farm, living life like their ancestors have for centuries, so chill the fuck out and get outside more


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