Katy Perry Areola Peek (3 Photos + Gif)

Screenshots from Katy Perry’s new music video “Rise” (2016). Katy Perry is an American singer, songwriter and actress. Age: 30 (October 25, 1984).


Katy Perry Areola Peek 3

Katy Perry Areola Peek 1 Katy Perry Areola Peek 2 Katy Perry Areola Peek

9 thoughts on “Katy Perry Areola Peek (3 Photos + Gif)

  1. CK

    It’s no secret she has spectacular tits, but the chances of ever seeing them are extremely slim. In fact, we would all have a better chance of playing pick up sticks with our ass cheeks. She’s been a tease for far too long, and it’s starting to make me hate her.

  2. FSB21

    My thinking might be different here but I think this may be the start of Katy Perry’s “pushing boundaries” stage. This very well might be Katy Perry going into her “Madonna” phase. It happened to Britney Spears, it happened to Rihanna and it happened to Miley Cyrus. Of course Miley Cyrus went straight from her Disney phase to her exhibitionism phase very quickly.

    A slight areola peek here might turn into some sheer see-through tops and on to showing it off more. I do agree her boobs are pretty magnificent. I mean it got Russell Brand to marry her and I didn’t think he would ever go through with that. They also divorced not that long after but still….

  3. Ash ketchum

    I hope these never get released. We all wanted miley cyrus, britney spears etc. etc. But now do we care to see their tits? Id rather leave these beautys to the imagination.

    1. Turlough

      Yes, but Miley Cyrus and Britney Spears had unremarkable breasts. Katy Perry looks like she has spectacular breasts. I’d love to see them.

    2. Anon Y Mous

      Not me. Show me the nudes. So long as Mileying is try to look good – shaving her armpits, not acting all masculine – I like seeing her nude, even if its her 500th nude photoset.


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