Kara Eberle Naked (4 Photos)

Leaked nude photos of Kara Eberle. Age 25. Kara Eberle was office manager and the technical director of the Rooster Teeth Podcast.


Kara Eberle Naked 001

Kara Eberle Naked 002

Kara Eberle Naked 003

Kara Eberle Naked 004

5 thoughts on “Kara Eberle Naked (4 Photos)

  1. RoosterTeeth

    Great find! I hope we’ll get to see Barbara too. Her boyfriend lives in San Diego, so maybe she’s sent him some pics, we’ll just have to wait and see.

  2. Wot

    It is hard to prove these fake. There are a few oddballs, but a few proofs.

    1) Bracelet. She always wears it on her left arm. First photo is properly flipped, others are mirrored.
    2) Nair polish. That’s her favorite color, and she always wears it too.
    3) Hair. Hair color is proper, and consistent throughout.
    4) Stomach tone. It is the same as one of her pics on the beach, but there was no belly piercing.
    5) Rings. Only one of those rings I could find in a picture, but never all 3. Wears on right.
    6) Earnings. Kara wears hoops frequently, but also has multiple piercings throughout her ear. No earnings in any of those, and too low quality to prove holes.
    7) Phone case. I have found only two: full white and full pink. No video or photo of her using this case.
    8) Setting. This one confuses me. Photo #1, #3, and #4 are all the same day. Same shirt, beer can visible, all items same. However, photo #2 appears to be the same day as well, yet not. Shirt is similar, but not visibly identical. Different underwear. However, everything except haircut remains the same.

    It is highly likely these are real, and prior to 2010.


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