Joanna Krupa Bodypaint (19 Photos + Videos)

Painted as a tiger, supermodel Joanna Krupa, 38, joins PETA outside Westminster, London, 09/11/2017.


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10 thoughts on “Joanna Krupa Bodypaint (19 Photos + Videos)

  1. nacho

    Wild animals aren’t in circuses.
    Animals in circuses are usually the domesticated type, dumb ho. So your statement means nothing

    And the suit looks like shit

    1. gdf

      Process of ‘domestication’ of said animals is mainly limited to torturing animal until it refrains to defend itself and follows the routine, you ignorant fuck.

    2. Meat

      you ignorant fuck, da only domesticated animals in a circus is horses, the rest be wild but not necessarily feral so U statement means nuthin.

      1. Baboonics

        Calling others an ignorant fuck when you haven’t even mastered Ebonics for dummies. Boy, that’s rich. Talk about stupid morons, this baboon takes the cake.

    3. john johnson

      Whats a lion, elephant, tiger, bear. Domesticated???. No they are WILD animals. Put a frenchman in england hes still French

  2. Doug

    Fun fact: The PETA puts down almost all the animals that they “save”. The PETA is nothing more than a social club for bored housewife bitches to screw around with society into guiltripping


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