Jessica Nigri Sexy (5 Photos + Video)

Check it out new photos and video with Jessica Nigri as Velma Dinkley (April 2017). Jessica Nigri is a model, YouTuber, voice actress from Reno (US). Age – 27 years old (born August 5, 1989).


15 thoughts on “Jessica Nigri Sexy (5 Photos + Video)

  1. Jake Steed

    I just really would love to see her tits for once real tits not this fake ass shit! Please for the love of god! Love this sexy Cosplay girl I met her once and she’s amazing! Love her sexy little moles here and there.

  2. No

    Considering all the money she makes for cockteasing she has literally no reason at all to do nudity unless someone offers her a big pay day for it.

    1. zippo

      wrong you are Miss and pretty fucking stupid to boot… must you be so racist or is it that you just want a BBC up your zippa ass, sorry but cant help you fulfill you wish there….but I’m sure if you hang on the corner and bend over you’ll get plowed, good luck and happy days for you……


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