Jessica Alba Sexy (50 Photos)

Jessica Alba wears a black bikini on holiday with family on the beach in Hawaii, 07/24/2017. Jessica Alba is an American actress (The Killer Inside Me (2010)) and model. Age: 36 years old.


17 thoughts on “Jessica Alba Sexy (50 Photos)

  1. waweeaw

    She’s not going to be able to bounce back after kid 3.

    She was able to bounce back a bit after the first kid but the quality declined. 2nd kid messed her up. This one will wreck her body.

      1. waweeaw

        Oh I’d still smash without a doubt. But the cellulite, stretch marks will show even worse. Take into account she’ll gain weight in weird spots that won’t be able to be lost. She’ll look doughy but not in a good way.

        She was #1 on my list for a decade. Then the kids started popping out. Now she’s barely in my top 10 :S No one will be able to bounce back after 3 kids. Women know full well that having kids destroys their body.

  2. Ozzu

    I devoured every photo from this article.How the hell could you look like this pregnant?GOD she’s gorgeous!…

  3. Merkin

    Looks damn good for a woman with 2 kids and pregnant with the 3rd. Very sexy. Oh and the Asian broad in the early photos is hot too.


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