11 thoughts on “Jennette McCurdy Sexy (3 Photos)

  1. SoKo

    She has a nice body, but the face… She always looks a bit ‘goofy’ to me.

    But its been said before, ‘You don’t look at the mantel-piece, when your poking the fire.’

    Or you could just do her doggy style.

      1. Tim

        Im with you on this. She is very attactive. She seems a bit overly silly sometimes. She needs better photoshoots. This one is pretty hot.

  2. WingedFoot1

    I’m impressed by the bravery of all the nameless, faceless haters out there calling out women on the basis of their looks. That these brave souls hiding behind keyboards are so confident that they feel qualified to pass judgement on others is heartwarming indeed…

    1. Bogaruffian

      Yet you also came here to look upon a woman, most expectedly nude, for what? To see if she turns you on? Why else would you browse to ‘thefappening’. Is that not a judgement also? Not a ‘comment’, but still a judgement. Hello Pot. I’m Kettle. Nice to meet you ­čśë

  3. The Irish Fist

    She looks like a much younger version of the 30-Something single mom that I’ve been flirting with and I’ve wanted to drill for a long time now!


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