22 thoughts on “Jennette McCurdy Sexy (3 Photos + Video)

    1. Jimmy McGill

      Man, it’s that type of insecurity that makes us look bad. So what if some white girls fuck black guys? Some black girls fuck white guys, too. And that’s a road a recommend traveling down.

        1. DURP

          Penis size is genetic. Like skin color. Can’t control either. Neither are important. What you do defines you. So you can keep making penis size jokes at racist but all that does is include you in the stupidity. Be better than that.

    2. Don Johnson

      Does this type of racism still have to exist?? Why can’t we just look at each other as human beings?!! Because at the end of the day, when it’s all said and done, I doubt anybody skin color matters.. So you keep living life saying fuck niggers and all the shit you think about when it comes to a person of color..

    3. AJ

      And so does your momma. She loves fucking niggers….and then you were born…..worth less than a cockroach. Good luck in November with Trump.

      1. Solsticy

        You’re just being as racist and silly as him with your comment, but, I suppose that’s your intention.

        By the way, with people like Trump, nobody’s safe, if you’re not on the same line than them, even being one of their relatives won’t save you.

      2. DURP

        Are you any better than him? I can’t see how. Insulting his mother makes you as low as him. I see comments by two losers.

    4. DURP

      Love how all the people taking the highroad are throwing insults. Keep insulting him. I’m sure that won’t make him feel anymore racism. Moron comments all around.

  1. The Master

    JFC scrapin the bottom of the barrel, I guess. This is so weird, yall. I mean, she IS hot, but this? This is not.

  2. nicholas

    So.. how are people disgusted by this when this website is browsed to perv out on women/men…
    And we need more interracial action in order to promote togetherness. We can’t cling to segregation amongst races in the US in any form. You can have your opinions about other races but there’s no room to express negativity over it. Interracial relationships, or fucking, or whatever, is encouraging to people that are doubtful and feel certain people are untouchable.
    Also, I appreciate these posted snaps, maybe the bathroom one isn’t sexy per-say but it certainly feels intimate. ;O


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