Jemma Lucy Sexy (40 Photos)

Celebrity Big Brother star Jemma Lucy (29) is seen on a night out in London, 12/15/2017. The model is seen wearing a barely there floral dress despite the cold weather in Foggy Albion.


15 thoughts on “Jemma Lucy Sexy (40 Photos)

  1. Lovethemall

    Something about her. She sexy
    Too bad girls in the site ain’t good enough for you fags.
    You guys still have a chance, if you turn gay.

  2. Doug

    For those of you who are plain fucking ignorant or just born yesterday, Foggy Albion is not a town, Albion is just one of those weird names for England, like Columbia for America. Albion is believed to be an old english word for white, commonly believed to be referring to the white cliffs of Dover. The fact that Craphead capitalised the first letters of “Foggy Albion” is seriously fucking misleading

    1. Argentus

      Well, “Albion” would be capitalized, since it’s a place name. Even you put a C on Columbia. The foggy part was just bad grammar (wicked bad grammuh, as they say here in my corner of Columbia).

  3. Argentus

    How long was she in prison? I have very beautiful friends with tattoos, but, then they’re 1) not on their necks, 2) not on their faces, and 3) they’re classy and not overdone. They also don’t have gigantic, disgusting fake tits, either. I didn’t think prison medical did implants.


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