Jemma Lucy Sexy (33 Photos)

Jemma Lucy struggles with her huge 49inch Smart TV empty box dragging it to the bins. The 29-year-old MTV’s Ex On The Beach and Big Brother reality TV star on a cold chilly morning came out wearing Calvin Klein pants, a grey bra and a beanie hat. An attire which left nothing to the imagination especially on a on a cold chilly morning in Manchester, 01/26/2018.


16 thoughts on “Jemma Lucy Sexy (33 Photos)

    1. THWIP

      No shit. This site constantly reminds me of the classic line from The Princess Bride: “You keep using that word ; I do not think it means what you think it means”.

  1. Carlos T. Jackal

    What’s the difference between Jemma Lucy and that box she’s dragging?

    The box once had something smart in it.

  2. John

    What an absolute fucking mess. There is nothing attractive about her whatsoever. She is about as attractive as a bucket of vomit.

  3. Doug

    Whats with the surly look on her face? Is a brand new flat screen not pleasing enough? Is it too much of a chore to drag the box outside? Is it smart to leave basically sign on the street to say, rob me, I got a flat screen? Is it too much for her to put on pants and a shirt and maybe some shoes when going out for once in ages? Maybe she’ll never figure it out

    1. Goddammit why won't the idiot go away

      She won’t figure that out any more than you’ll figure out that we are all tired of the goddamit age and nationality questions from the chief site parrot. Nobody cares faggot. By the way, before you ask, the screen size is 49″ goddammit.

  4. Doug

    why won’t the idiot go away
    I never asked about her age and nationality because its already stated in the official info you fucktarded pompous prick. I fyou think thats all I ask, then you’ve really think in the lowest setting. I also dont need to ask about what size the tv is because I can already see it. So remember to give your mother a kiss when she tucks you into bed tonight


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