Jemma Lucy Sexy (14 Photos)

Celebrity Big Brother star Jemma Lucy is seen in Lanzarote, 11/13/2017. The 29-year-old reality star is seen showing off the results of her second Brazilian bum lift in a bikini.


13 thoughts on “Jemma Lucy Sexy (14 Photos)

  1. Harvey Winestain

    AskJeeves her old pics, when she was 19 or so she did some explicit nudes before she was all wrecked. Also, she’s actually from a wealthy family that doesn’t know what they did wrong to end up with her. Her first taste of TV was on some “my teen is out of control” type show and her upper class parents had no idea how bad she would get lol.

  2. eatass

    thicc whore.
    with or without tattoos, still an attention whore. showing tits in public . what kind of parents did you have you shitty cancer bitch?

  3. brazilian boy

    she has a great body and can do some surgeries but to have a Brazilian ass really and big, need to be born here !!!! Brazil is the country of women with the best asses, it is our best product!


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