Jemma Lucy See Through (24 Photos)

‘Celebrity Big Brother’ star Jemma Lucy, 29, is seen out in Manchester last night. The reality star is seen wearing a red see through negligee and black trousers, 11/08/2017.


8 thoughts on “Jemma Lucy See Through (24 Photos)

    1. Keith

      Not without the help of CGI. Jemma looks like garbage.

      Was she attractive before the tattoos and bad plastic surgery?

  1. Doug

    “trousers” Um, they’re called leggings, or tights or yoga pants, and is she dressed to go jogging? Or hiking? Cant imagine any Mancunians doing that

  2. Argentus

    I have no problem with tattoos in general, but getting them in certain places reeks of prison (like neck and above, save for maybe a small one from the ears back). This girl is gross.


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