Jemma Lucy Poses Completely Naked (38 Photos)

Check out these old photos of Jemma Lucy. She has a few tattoos and no ugly boobs, butt and lips. Jemma Lucy is a 29-year-old reality TV star and model from England.


Thanks to French Good for the info!

18 thoughts on “Jemma Lucy Poses Completely Naked (38 Photos)

  1. Jemma Henley

    Find more under her former name… Jemma Henley. Do girls need anymore proof botox and tattoos are a bad choice?

    You can’t polish a turd.

  2. MrSatyre

    I thought you said she had “no ugly boobs, butt and lips”.

    Did you post the wrong skank? ‘Cause this one is definitely ugly in all three departments.

  3. JoeBlo

    Thought I recognized the name… Couldn’t put my finger on it…. Then realized who she is… Jesus Christ, 1000 tattoos and countless surgeries later and she’s hardly recognizable.

  4. cjb

    Careful with the labiaplasty talk, the Katherine McPhee lover Klawacky will chime in and lecture to death about stolen pics and fake stories and…

    It was her – same phone, yada yada


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