Jaime King Sexy (21 Photos)

Actress Jaime King enjoys some snorkeling in Hawaii with her filmmaker husband Kyle Newman, 05/25/2018. The 39-year-old skinny Jaime takes a break from promoting her latest work in ‘Ocean’s 8’, to enjoy some rest and relaxation with her hubby in a blue bikini.


Jaime King acted opposite Kate Beckinsale in Pearl Harbor.

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14 thoughts on “Jaime King Sexy (21 Photos)

  1. Jay

    Holy fuck she’s hideous.. aging horribly.. and only 39..
    but look lagertha she’s 40 and looks in her 20’s

    1. Sheldon

      She used to have anorexia for decades and it’s ravaged her body. Thanks Hollywood and society for psychologically effing with women’s minds.

  2. Ben

    She’s not just skinny. She’s clearly anorexic and needs help. Oh and also this isn’t “sexy”. Unless you’re sick.

    1. Sheldon

      She’s actually looking way better than before, seriously. She was looking like a concentration camp victim sadly


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