Jade Roper Tolbert Naked (102 Photos & Videos)

Check out the photos and videos of Jade Roper for Playboy (2013). Jade Elizabeth Tolbert (née Roper) is a reality show star (The Bachelor). Age – 31.


Thanks to Josh for the info!

17 thoughts on “Jade Roper Tolbert Naked (102 Photos & Videos)

  1. Prick James

    I must be hallucinating, the impossible has happened.
    1. A celeb pictorial in playboy that isn’t black and white, sepia, or heavily filtered
    2. Celeb showed many pussy shots from many angles
    3. Any pictorial with tons of pussy shots
    4. Model doesn’t have frito fake nails, bad hair extensions, and tattoos

    1. JC

      This is all because it was pre-celebrity.
      Would love to get a collection of her other stuff, such as for Chive. It’s tamer, but I’m a completist.

    2. klawicki

      That’s because she is STILL pre-celebrity! Being on a stupid reality game show does not make someone a celebrity.

    3. AcmeInc

      ’s little prick
      Sorry to burst your imagination bubble of perfection.
      You missed the big ass tattoo between her shoulders.
      Bravo for her getting a rich boy, all gold diggers dream!
      She’s been fucked and plopped out a crying shit monster
      Baggy drapes…

  2. Spooky

    Very pretty girl,great boobs,pretty pussy,everything is great except for one tattoo. But at least she’s not covered in ink. Oh, and no piercings!!!!

  3. Big Daddy

    This is perfect. Hot girl. full nudity, not an insane amount of pics of exactly the same thing and good quality. We, speaking for what I beieve is the majority of us that visit this site, want more of this type of work. Top notch. The flames I will get from this will probably be brutal but I can’t be bothered with even reading them because I really don’t care.


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