Iggy Azalea Sexy (36 Photos + Video & Gif)

Singer Iggy Azalea performs in concert in Miami as a special guest for Best Buddies Miami Gala at the Ice Palace Studios in Wynwood, 11/17/2017.


The 21ST Annual Best Buddies Miami Gala is a spectacular event with hundreds of prominent locals and international guests gathering to celebrate the Best Buddies mission. This year’s Best Buddies Miami Gala will celebrate the organization’s expansion into India.

Guests will enjoy a gourmet dinner, partake in a top-notch auction and witness dazzling entertainment. During the Gala, Ralph Winter will be honored with the Spirit of Leadership award for his $1 million gift to Best Buddies that will be used to promote and expand the organization’s mission of friendship, jobs, and leadership development for individuals with IDD around the world.

12 thoughts on “Iggy Azalea Sexy (36 Photos + Video & Gif)

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