Iggy Azalea Sexy (104 Photos)

Iggy Azalea wears a red bikini in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico 01/22/17. Iggy Azalea is a singer, actress (Furious 7), songwriter, model and director from Sydney. Age: 26 (7 June 1990).



41 thoughts on “Iggy Azalea Sexy (104 Photos)

  1. crazy rinder

    Fake: Ass, tits and lips.

    Cellulite all over the place, straight legs and flat feet.

    Another deformed centaur looking celeb whose best friend is post production and photoshop

  2. James Baxter

    Aw man…I cant fap to this and my standards arent high. But, i would fuck that… well, what can i say? Dont waste meat, eat whenever you can, you cant know what happens next day.

  3. brian

    why the hell would you ever go out, when you know you may be photographed in a bikini if ur a celeb and ur ass looked like that?

    this bitch is going to end up jumping when the trolls come out

  4. Charlie Runkle

    Horrific…disgusting. I fell bad for her…only dick she can get is ghetto dick at this point. No self respecting man would fuck that.

  5. Tony

    Thts not the best but atleast it’s not fake as kardashian shitties..I think her butt is natural different story abt tits tho. And look at that hip line

  6. Luke Fondleberg

    I used to complain why doesn’t she get naked or at least give us thongs pictures like the other sluts she was trying to keep up with but now it’s pretty clear why.She could not get nude or show thong shots when your ass looks this bad out of pants.I also thinks its pretty clear if you look at these picks that her ass is partly fake, this looks like either a result of bad injections or a bad butt implants.

  7. connasseur

    I usually reserve terms like “disgusting” for things like Maitland Wart (sic) or Lucy Collett or the Kartrashians, but that ass is disgusting in every sense of the word. And there is just no excuse for it; KKs, JLo’s, Beyoncé’s – theirs are at least the same size, but totally firm.

  8. jeez

    She should do something to that ass soon, it really is an health issue. But notice how the niggas love it 🙂 Some chromosome error must be it you like that boot…

  9. Lumpy bean bag chair lookin ass

    Looks like her ass is flabby and has the consistency over a grocery bag overstuffed with ground beef. Or a lumpy bean bag chair. A big round ass is great but she doesn’t appear to have ever worked her glutes cause her ass is saggin

  10. Frogburt

    So, I know one of those guys, the medium chunky guy is the best way to point him out haha, but anyways I told him I saw him in some pictures and told him about these. He told me a hilarious story about IA. So, apparently, she has like a notoriously sensitive tummy, like if she eats something spicy, she has stomach pain, the squirts, diarrhea, ect, so they are in Mexico, naturally the food is spicey and they dared her to try some, she did and with in like 15 minutes she excused herself and went to the head. My friend Jayseon said he went to use the bathroom like 5 minutes later and he heard her crying through the vent and just exploding that fucking toilet! He said she kept saying, “you stupid bitch! Why the fuck did you do that! He is never going to want to fuck you if you can’t stop shitting!!!” He recorded it and played it for me… honestly, hearing the noises coming out of her and her crying and yelling at herself has completely turned me off her… on the other hand, maybe she has a chance to be a stand up comedian bc I was crying laughing so hard!


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