Halsey See Through (42 Photos)

Halsey arrives to the 2016 MTV VMA in NYC, 08/28/16. Ashley Nicolette Frangipane aka Halsey is an American singer and songwriter. Age: 21 (September 29, 1994).


8 thoughts on “Halsey See Through (42 Photos)

  1. FSB21

    I’ve only listened to two of her songs. But after wearing that dress and looking that incredibly good, I’ll start listening to more of her music. That is one MAJOR see-through dress she wore. WOW!!!!!

    Damn, she has a really nice set of boobs on her. I’m gonna start paying more attention to her.

    1. GAWD

      You, my friend, are the reason all the shitty people and all the shitty music gets recognition.

      Thank you for your services.

      1. Not Some Music Snob

        I love when dumb dumbs try and judge other people for their taste in music (for whatever reason) as if it were an objective thing to argue about. I’m sure the music you enjoy is shit too, but thanks for playing.


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