Gracyanne Barbosa Sexy (40 Pics + Gifs)

Here are the sexy pics of Gracyanne Barbosa from Instagram (December 2017) + gifs. Gracyanne Jacobina Barbosa Vieira is a Brazilian fitness model and Carnaval dancer. Age: 34.


13 thoughts on “Gracyanne Barbosa Sexy (40 Pics + Gifs)

    1. Jacques Dambrosinni

      That’s not a twerk. Those are dance moves, twerking isn’t dancing, it’s ridiculous as being electrocuted.
      By the way, you statens really think that those jelly legs and butts are sexy doing that ridiculous thing that you call twerk?

  1. Don

    I hate that women in South America are so addicted to plastic surgery. She looks like a fucking freak. My wives all had plastic surgery. All look like clowns.

    1. Alexssander Carlos Dragoni

      No, South America are not addicted to plastic surgery, She does looks like a fucking freak tho, but what you meant to say “The world is addicted to plastic surgery“, North America is just as addicted to it as South America or Europa and the rest of the world.

      1. Bundy

        Latin American country’s can be considered far worse, especially what he’s talking about when getting butt implants and shit to change your entire body. Especially Brazil, Colombia, Venezuela, Argentina, can count Spain cause it’s the same damn people.. A percentage of the income tax goes to the subsidization of plastic surgery procedures as a way of supporting elective cosmetic surgery in Brazil


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