Gabriella Papadakis Olympic Nip Slip (42 Pics + Video)

Gabriella Papadakis suffers wardrobe malfunction during Monday’s short program with partner Guillaume Cizeron in PyeongChang, 02/19/2018. Gabriella Papadakis is a French Olympic ice dancer. Born: May 10, 1995.

Thanks to Gabriella for the info!

25 thoughts on “Gabriella Papadakis Olympic Nip Slip (42 Pics + Video)

  1. I'm Jack Enough!

    That deserves an automatic gold medal. I read that she was aware of the slip which caused her to be distracted. At least this Frenchy is now [somewhat] famous.

  2. VR

    You would think he would have worn something under something that loose like virtually every female athlete…There isn’t much to see there though.

    1. Beebee

      The part of her dress that wrapped around her neck came undone early in the performance. Thats why the dress got all loose like that.

  3. vonhessian

    She is cute with small ones, but if she had bigger bouncy tits, the embarrassment would had been bigger. At the end they got silver medal, good for them.

  4. Firedrake

    I see no reason for her to be embarrassed. EVERYONE has nipples. I’m sure Americans were screaming in panic though and hiding the children from the evil NIPPLE!!! If she has anything to be embarrassed about it’s that honker in the middle of her face. She is in serious need of a nose job.


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