Frenchy Morgan Nude (27 Photos)

Check it out new nude photos of old ass granny Angelique (Frenchy) Morgan on a beach in Hawaii, 03/06/2017.  Angelique Morgan is a reality television personality (Celebrity Big Brother, 2001), actress, model and dancer from Paris. Age – 41 (September 22, 1975).


20 thoughts on “Frenchy Morgan Nude (27 Photos)

  1. Seargent boner

    Let’s be honest as far as the 40 year old line goes she still is fuckable, but looks older than 41, yet we’d still do her.

  2. s.smith

    “body is quite ok” are you serious,she’s a total skank,she can’t even look normal standing still,id rather fuck a rubber doll,lol

  3. Mewho

    Fake paparazzi pictures. You would think if she wanted to be seen nude, she would go with quality editing instead of fake candids.. What an attention whore.

  4. AJ

    Body is ok? Wtf? Are you fuckers stupid AND blind? Horrible body with fake tits. If that is your standard of good, then I hate to see what you guys are sleeping with. And so sad to see that she looks like 75, rather than being from 1975.

  5. Matt

    She looks at least fifty. Funny how the pursuit of youthful looks consistently makes you look sure substantially older.

  6. dad

    Jesus. That is a ROUGH 41, folks. My wife is 4 years older than her and look 20 years younger from head to toe. Are you sure she’s not 61? She’s repulsive.

  7. The dude

    If u look at the seventh picture from the boot Tom, she is peeing as she walks out of the water. If u lighten the contrast a little, you can see her pussy lips in all their big glory with a hard yellow stream of urine coming out. I actually liked it – no idea why, but that one pic gets me. I guess I like slightly older women being extra dirty for the camera.


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