Fran Gerard Nude (12 Photos)

Check out some photos of Fran Gerard for Playboy. Fran Gerard is a glamour model and actress, Playboy’s Playmate of the Month in March 1967. She was born on March 28, 1948.

33 thoughts on “Fran Gerard Nude (12 Photos)

    1. Some other guy

      Yesss! “Torpedo” was what I thought.

      Great woman! And nothing of this bolted-on plastic and metal shit. Show more of this!

  1. Ball Buster

    Are you fucking kidding me with this site? Next you’ll be posting “sexy” pictures of women’s ankles from 1922. Fuck this site has gone downhill.

    1. Devin

      I’m sure you’re free to contribute some new leaked images that you may have lying around.

      Otherwise, while there’s no active leaks going on, just be grateful that those involved are keeping the place active by contributing stuff. They basically post all active leaks, and any nudes that hit they internet. Not sure what you expect from this site. They can’t manifest shit, all they can do is keep the place active between leaks and nudes.

      If you don’t like the content, I’m sure you can find someplace else to go. One that doesn’t post anything in between leaks and nudes, perhaps. Maybe just thumb through your family photo album for some wanking material. I dunno. Your options are vast and varied, I’m assuming.

    2. Dave

      Why do you losers feel the need to click the link, (that clearly says the year it’s from,) and then chastise the poster? No one forced you to click the link. You knew what you were going to look at. So if you don’t want to look at it, don’t click and fuck off. Fuck some people are losers. The site is “evolving” which means “changing.” It WAS a leak site, but leaks don’t come everyday unlike you. Dealmwith it and get a fucking life

    3. Dave

      Fuck you losers who come to a link and feel the need to post a negative comment. You clearly saw the date of the pictures right? I did. Don’t fucking look at it if you don’t want to. No one forced you. Why do you feel the need to click the link that clearly fucking says when it’s from just to post your virgin ass, basement living (with your mom) comments?

  2. AJ

    The only sad thing with this post is that the Craphead created the impressions as though she’s still alive. She is no model, she WAS a model, you dickhead, because she died before many on this site were even born.


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