Hi! This is not a commercial post. This is our new project. We’ve launched a new porn tube. It’s called .

What’s the difference about it?

  • Watching videos on search result page. You don’t have to move from page to page anymore
  • No advertising. Really no advertising
  • You can download the video
  • The minimal design and fast load
  • Optimization for mobiles

Try: and .

We’re completely open to you and ready to improve our website. We will be glad to get your wishes and remarks about this project in comments below.

Thank you for attention!

43 thoughts on “Fappening.Online

  1. Doug

    “We’re completely open to you and ready to improve our website.” Really? Then stop posting pornstars and instagram pictures.

    1. Humpback Herman

      Yeah and stop posting covered pics as topless. Oh, and your new site has TRANNY shit on there. Why does it look like you simply posted 30 completely random porn tube links?

  2. Tired of gay porn allowed in straight sections

    How about having the straight sections be a cuck free zone. That shit is repulsive and it’s Gay porn, it’s as bad as scat porn and yet the assholes who run porn sites let it be posted all over their so called “straight categories” which make men who are actually heterosexuals wanna puke when they have the misfortune to come across it. I don’t care what anyone wants to claim, letting some guy fuck your supposed “wife or gf” and then you eat his cum is GAY AS FUCK an definitely doesn’t belong in any Straight categories.( all cuck & cuck fans are just closet cases who refuse to admit they’re homosexuals so they “date” whores to keep up appearances with family & friends) If you wanna host that shit make sure it’s all relegated to the gay categories an have people who actually check uploads & remove it. Don’t try to make users do your job for you by reporting shit that’s in the wrong category. that’s why I’ve stopped visiting 99% of sites that host vids since they don’t care to actually check what’s uploaded and allow gay porn to be flooded into their straight sections.

  3. I spent like 60 seconds over there, and there’s a ton of guy on guy content. Personally, it doesn’t bother me cuz I can just scroll past it, but if you’re the kind of guy who gets triggered by such things, I figured you’d like a warning. Didn’t see any celebrities, or any videos as good as the average stuff on PH or XV.

    But, I didn’t see any ads popping up and the video I tried out certainly was free and like 14 minutes long, so maybe you’ll enjoy the site. You won’t know unless you try it.

    1. truth

      i dont know bout you. but my recommended video there was mostly asian, teens, big boobs and amateurs.
      guess they somehow can track your preferences hence why you get guy on guy content.

  4. Pirocco

    Wow!! Fapper and Crapper are actually different persons.
    So, I suggest you to put leaked celeb videos there.

      1. Faggot Doug is the best Doug

        Yes faggot. Everyone besides Zippo… AJ… Matt Karris and Doug aren’t a bunch of flaming fags.

      1. Tulo

        I make my own definitions and the world follows. Keep up or be left behind alongwith doug, zippo, aj and the rest of the diaper gang.

  5. Nowa

    And by the way, the most important thing would be the admin filters to remove instantly comments from that kind of people who’s using insulting words about model girls and other girls you post here on this web that should’ve been the first thing you should have think to before ever think to create that web, think about this okay.

  6. A. Deea

    Whatever any of these youngers would ask for this web press would need there a person who take cares not accepting anymore on comments every youngers talking rubbish and wrong nonsense things at galleries photo is it too much? Otherwise there’s not a good reason to make another project while this website is working just wrong to be honest okay, have good days.


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