Fake or Not: Kat Dennings

It’s a fake or not? We checked the photo. Please see result below!

It’s a 100% fake.

Original photos

‘2 Broke Girls’ Season 1 Promos (August 2011)

[Nubiles.net] 2013-11-17 – Hidden Secrets

Her name is Marina Visconti (aka Marina, Marina V, Marina Viskonti, Sheila, Vika B.). She’s a Russian porn actress and adult model.

47 thoughts on “Fake or Not: Kat Dennings

  1. lame

    Is this stupid shit going to keep showing up on the website? If you’re dumb enough to believe that any of these are real, then you’re probably too fucking retarded to use the Internet.

  2. judejew

    this is so stupid. We’re here for the leaks and they aren’t even easy to find in the site anymore because you literally publish everything you find that has a female (or even a male in the case of michaela scaffer) in it, and now even this?

  3. Mike

    you are ruining the website. Everyone knows these are fake. we are ok with occasional sexy photos, what are you trying to do?

  4. Brutus

    Yeah wtf is going on here lately. Fake or not. What are you gonna start posting pics of Bigfoot and Yeti asking if they are fake or not. Get it together

  5. pharoahegypt

    I think it’s time to drop this site from my daily visits…. Really not the site it once was, not with all this fake ass shit that so obvious even a vicar could tell without too much effort..!!

  6. who is driving the bus

    Leave this shit off the site. Someone needs to get their head out of their ass if they think this is what we came here looking for.

  7. wawawee

    Please stop this. Not only is it fucking stupid it’s a waste of bandwidth.

    The most obvious reason is it’s just a terribly bad fakes.

  8. Ben

    What new bullshit is this? No one needs your expertise to know whether the pics are fake or real. Focus on posting real leaks instead. This is worse than those regular Maitland Ward posts.

  9. Franco

    Quit with the feckin FAKES!!!!!! At the same time stop posting the models who always get their tits out, stick with leaks or unexpected celebs.

  10. VeX

    Wow this site just became shit, of course its fake you stupid fuck! I’m done visiting this site, was good once upon a time but i guess the owner became a retard.

  11. Geoff pisschips

    What’s next? “dog turd or fake dog turd?” This is bollocks, what happened to the rest of the supposed fappening 2017?

  12. Beejam

    This is the sort of bullshit that happens when we are kept waiting for the Kirsten Dunst sex tape.

    Of course the picture is fucking fake, you probably made it in the first place.


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