Fake or Not: Emma Watson

It’s a fake or not? We checked the photo. Please see result below!

It’s a 100% fake.

Original photos

ELLE UK (March 2017)

[Hegre-Art.com] 2012-10-29 – Body Art

Her name is Flora. She’s an Argentine model based in Mexico City.

41 thoughts on “Fake or Not: Emma Watson

  1. Genuity

    YES!!! Thank you God! Finally a 100% real and genuine Emma Watson nude, there is nothing I wanted more in this world than to finally see her pussy!

  2. Maitland Ward is a COW

    Fuck this. Fuck this. Fuck this. Fuck this. Fuck this. Fuck this. Fuck this.Fuck this. Fuck this.Fuck this.Fuck this.

  3. ThisSiteNowSux

    Ok, I’m sick of this fake or not crap. I come here for real leaked pix not to be tested on whether or not I can spot a bad photoshop job. I’m going to ancensored or google from now on. Never coming back.

  4. Paperboy

    Even bigger waste of time than the daily Maitland Ward post. At least discuss fakes that Mr. Magoo wouldn’t be able to spot from a mile away!

  5. Brutus

    OK AGAIN WHAT THE FUCK. We should really start considering a banning this site for a couple days next time they do this sit. See how they like it when page visits drop because of this stupid shit


    stop this bullshit, it´s always a fake wooooow, and only you knows the original.. greeeat

    Stop Stop Stop Stop it

  7. Brian

    Why showing all these obvious fakes and asking if we think it’s fake or not!? Either post some that aren’t or just stop this stupid new feature. Really.

  8. Vercetti

    Please stop this new trend of fake photos. we are really considering leaving this website. If we see another post about this fake or not maddens it means that the previous site owner is somehow out of picture.

  9. CK

    This website is almost becoming nauseating. It used to be my #1 go to place everyday, but I’m starting to get bored with the content quality, and now these stupid Fake or Not posts. I don’t know what the fuck you guys are trying to prove, but it’s becoming extremely fucking annoying, unless that’s WHAT you’re aiming to do! Well, you’re succeeding, so congratulations!

  10. Marty Mandigo

    I dnt understand why the fuck this website is waiting time putting fake bullshit wen celebjihad has 3 sets of leaked pictures just released on their site. Get your shit together.

  11. wah deh fek

    So like….. Over the past 3 days since you started this ridiculous bullshit is it just a shit attempt at a troll for more clicks or what?

  12. bobthebuilder

    The day has come where Thefappening posts fakes and CelebJihad posts actual leaks. Admin is a fucktard,

  13. Yousuckballs

    Wtf is happening to thos site… Its going so down hill!!!! Like feck me dead.. Who wants to see some of the most shitiest ever executed fake, let alone any fakes!!! Pick yo fucking game up.

  14. William

    This one is fake but there is a complete set of real unedited photos and some movies of her on imageandvideo.top. You can search for emma.


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