Eva Longoria Sexy (6 Photos)

Eva Longoria graces the pages of Haute Living Magazine (September/October 2017). Eva Jacqueline Longoria Bastón is an actress from Corpus Christi, Texas. Age – 42.


11 thoughts on “Eva Longoria Sexy (6 Photos)

  1. Robbo

    She does know she was photographed in her bikini about a week ago and we all know what she actually looks like? Fucking photoshop

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  2. Zippo

    Wow, look at all the internet virgins, bitching about the way a girl looks, a girl who looks better than anything you’ll ever fuck, if any girl at all ever comes even close to your pathetic dicks. At least photoshop can fix what she’s got, they don’t make a tool strong enough to make any of you got attractive to women. Or the men you’ll one day be attracted to because you went too long without women.


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