Ester Dee Nip Slip (23 Photos)

Braless Ester Dee arrives at the ‘Ester Dee: All About the Beach’ launch party in London, 08/02/2017. Ester Dee (Dohnalova) is a British reality TV star (The Real Housewives of Cheshire).


19 thoughts on “Ester Dee Nip Slip (23 Photos)

  1. Media Tuner

    Oh my goodness! How could that wardrobe malfunction happen to her? She probably will feel ashamed the rest of her life.

    1. Jimmy

      A) She’s no girl
      B) Those that want the Daily Mail to publish their pics have to “flaunt” themselves
      C) Those that don’t want it tend to be the antithesis of this beast.


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