Emmy Rossum Leaked Photos and Proof (8 Photos)

Leaked photos of Emmy Rossum. Emmy Rossum is an actress and singer-songwriter. Age 28.

Emmy Rossum Leaked 00

Emmy Rossum Leaked 01

Emmy Rossum Leaked 02

Emmy Rossum Leaked 03

Emmy Rossum Leaked 04

Emmy Rossum Leaked 05

Emmy Rossum Leaked 06

Emmy Rossum Leaked 07

Emmy Rossum Leaked Proof 01

Emmy Rossum Leaked Proof 02

59 thoughts on “Emmy Rossum Leaked Photos and Proof (8 Photos)

  1. BongMasteR

    I don’t buy it. Emmy Rossum is an active girl, she’s tight. I don’t think this flabby ass is hers. Still though, saved em… thanks dikoross.ru

    1. cc

      is that her with the flabby ass in the bikini? who tf is she anyway? I’d like to thank the fappening for bringing to my attention allthese famous people I never heard of

    2. HexRei

      Yeah, unless she was out of shape because she wasn’t actively shooting anything, I really, really don’t want to believe that this frumpy butt is hers. She’s goddamn gorgeous.

  2. galan

    Enough of the mole detective crap! These aren’t her. No way, no how. Drawling lines and circles around moles won’t change that.

      1. galan

        Have you ever seen her show on Showtime? They show an awful lot of her body on that show, in little or no clothing. She’s nowhere near this frumpy. Her body is quite athletic, unlike the pics shown. Some of you guys are laughable to speciously believe what you want to believe because your erection tells you so. There’s an awful lot of fake pics that have been released with these leaks.

        I’ll happily admit I’m wrong if more proof is presented.

          1. Joe

            Off course they use a body double when their face is in the same shot.
            What did you think we’re in the 80’s?
            And how do they show the same person twice in the same frame and on the same time? CLoning him? Sending him back in time? ROFL

          2. klawick

            Joe…they are not using CGI to replace heads for body doubles on a Premium cable original. They don’t have $100+ million budges. Sorry…but YOU came across as the fucking idiot in this exchange.

      2. Danglefraxt

        Judging by how you blindly trust the validity of these photos based on nothing but a couple of moles that anyone with basic photoshop skills could add in, it would appear that you are actually the one who is an idiot. If you actually took the time to compare these photos to any of the other many photos and movies that this actress is in, you’d quickly realize that these disgusting flabby/veiny legs and ass that are that of a 40+ year old woman do not belong to Emmy Rossum

  3. Jack Crichton

    Proves nothing. With such low quality images, moles and scars can be easily photoshopped, so I would need more than what proof you are presenting.

  4. Donkit

    You bet it’s her.

    You saps are used to seeing the touchup after photos, wanking to the fake.

    These photos are what a real woman looks like *in good shape*. Sorry to ruin your denial, but it has to happen some day…

    1. HexRei

      What kind of women do you date? The body in these photos looks like it’s toned… for a forty year old. How old is Emmy? 25 or something?

    2. klawick

      WHY would you insist on showing the entire world that you have never been with a woman in your life?, And even more suicidally pathetic, you did it in a way that actually made it clear you feel SUPERIOR to others. Is it that you just wanted that feeling for ONCE in your life

    1. Max

      …exactly, notice some handout cards on a table in one pic. These could be from a couple years ago, she sure looks fine now.

  5. Gman

    Yep that is definitely her. Pretty disappointing. Never would have expected her to have that flabby of an ass. She has pretty ugly legs too. Obviously the proof photos nail it. Those legs are exactly the same.

      1. Scratchy

        yes… because they certainly do not touch up model shoots… eyes rolling… if you look at the knees and legs to normal pap picture of her walking…there is simply no disputing…

    1. klawick

      AGAIN, you fucking idiot…freckles..moles..DON’T PROVE ANYTHNG. WHY do people on the internet so willing proclaim to the world “I am a completely worthless dumb fucking idiot!” PLEASE tell me that Gman. I need to know how you think.

  6. emmyrossumshamelessnude

    why look at these when you can actually see her tits on shameless, dont get me wrong their nice but when shes on shameless she puts a effort in looking nice.

  7. tomjoad333

    Fake. I’ve seen that porn shoot before. That’s one of the CastingCouch style one’s and I’ve definitely seen that one before. Can’t remember if it was an early BackRoomFacials or an early BackroomCastingCouch.

    1. Scratchy

      Actually you are a fool… if you know anything about those kind of panties… it is clearly a laser hair removal office… (you can even see the pamphlets in the background)

      I have confirmed second hand knowledge that these are of Emmy going in to get the procedure done…

  8. Brian

    Whether or not this IS Emmy Rossum’s ass, it actually isn’t a bad ass either way.

    Shameless is an awesome show, and I think Emmy is a hot piece of ass irregardless.

  9. Bribi

    If it’s her, she’s probably not really successful judging by her floor and doors/walls.
    Looks more like an amateur than somebody living way above the average Joe

    1. gonzo

      Not the same dress but yeah it is her. Can’t believe some idiots don’t think it is, I think a lot of the people saying it isn’t her are just trying to convince themselves that she isn’t that flabby and gross.

  10. ohno

    I just had to tell all you probably 15yo boys here that your idea of “flabby” is something that will keep you drooling for photoshopped model pictures, instead of actually getting laid in your future.. sheesh..

  11. Rocco Siffredi

    Her body is fine. She’s normal. Who cares about a bit of cellulite? Look in the mirror before criticising others. No wonder girls get a complex.

  12. Big Daddy

    Y’all trippin acting like every woman you fucked is perfect… Emmy, you can sit that “flab” on my face daily

  13. Webbie

    lol… the “proof” that you guys claim to have on the pics of all of these people is so ridiculous. You point out a couple freckles or a mole that you can barely see and claim that it’s proof. Get real, fellas.

  14. Dramedy

    It’s obviously not her. For one thing, the pubic hair is badly shaved. You can see strands outside the thong. It’s like a DIY job with a razor.

  15. Robert

    Certainly similarities in the build; width of hips, gap between thighs as the meet the Y.

    It looks like some kinda “before shots” from a plastic surgeon’s office based upon the strange paper panties.

    I choose to believe it is her and those are shots from when she went to get work done.

    I would eat her up just as she is/was/will be. 🙂

  16. sdfrsea

    First of all she is well known actress and she is a beauty. Those pics are FAKE. Only ignorant can write who she is..
    You should know her from movies Poseidon or The day after tommorow with Jake Gyllenhall and Dennis Quaid ot Beautiful Creatures. But i Really REALLY recommened you Before I Dissapear 7.2/10 imdb it`s a comedy/drama one of the best movies in 2014.

  17. Soap

    =))) I saw better nudes in shameless , this is just Emmy in her undies …and i don`t even care if they are real or not

  18. klawacik

    So to the fucking idiots who actually think this is her…Do you think the hackers hacked into the cosmetic surgery’s iCloud account? Or do you think that after getting a consutation, she asked the cosmetic surgeon to send her the Before pics to her phone where it went on her iCloud account

    Jesus christ. I know none of your worthless welfare bitches have ANY education..but don’t you at least have COMMON SENSE?

  19. Blane

    The thing to solve this is.. Why wouldn’t she show more like her whole body.. It’s not like she doesn’t show it nearly every episode anyways! Not to mention.. All these ” dots “, ” freckles ” ..whatever is one thing.. But make-up can’t cover flab, nor age, n either this chic is older.. Or some lazy bitch who NEVER has walked or worked a day in her life!! N the FINAL proof is.. Again.. Make-up n ” freckles ” blah blah.. Fine! But u can’t fake or make-up bone structure… N this bitch in the pics.. CLEARLY has bigger hips then Emmy!! Even if Emmy had 20 kids!! This bitches bone structure DOES NOT MATCH that of Emmy’s!! So.. To clarify.. 1 – why wouldn’t she show more of herself in the pics!!?? (Cuz it’s not her) ..n 2- The hips n bone structure of the legs DO NOT MATCH that of Emmy Rossum!!


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