Emma Watson See Through (2 Sexy Photos + Gif)

Sexy photos of Emma Watson without bra (2014) + gif.  Perfect! Emma Watson is an English actress, model, and activist. Age: 26 (15 April 1990).


Emma Watson See Through

Emma Watson See Through 2

43 thoughts on “Emma Watson See Through (2 Sexy Photos + Gif)

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    1. Harry

      Not just the “alt-right” who are tired of 3rd wave feminist bullshit, even most women no longer identify as feminist.

    1. David Dick in Son

      Looking at the tits on the one you’ve just linked, you can see the difference in texture over the nipples. By the looks of it, someone has tried to blend the texture surrounding the nipples to cover them up.
      I’m still inclined to believe it’s real.

      1. Robert

        At first I thought this was just wishful thinking, but I looked closer and you’re absolutely right.
        It’s pretty obvious they just used the blur brush to hide away the nipples.

        So either someone did an unbelievably good job or of photoshopping the nipples in, or really shit job of photoshopping them out.

      2. Max

        You might be right as Nudography is claiming it’s real. It is possible someone must’ve photoshopped the real see-thru image to cover the nipples. Need confirmation though.

  1. CSI Guy

    I did a forensic analysis and I can assure you guys that this photo is 100% real.
    And I also looked at the photo without the nipples, and it’s photoshopped.

    If you’re interested, you just need to look at the image noise to see which one is fake.

  2. Andreas

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  3. Dex

    I think it might be. This is from thesun.co

    “The chances are that the photos are the same ones that were leaked in 2014 during an iCloud hacking frenzy dubbed ‘the Fappening’.

    The pics, showing the Hermione Granger actress wearing a cream lace skirt and peach-coloured sheer top, were amongst hundreds that were shared online.”

    1. Unknown

      Well it’s true alright 🙂 It all over the internet now how some assistant of the photographer actually leaked those instudio-test-only photos out and Emma together with her agents insisted to be put out of circulation, first released on rubbish site CelebJihad (think, they post something legit for once :P) they got kick in the nuts by Emmas agents.
      The one without nipples is the photoshoped one later in hope to confuse people, to bad photoshop guy was an amateur and you can clearly see the Photoshop tempering where nipples once were, not to mention he deleted Exif data on photo to what was biggest mistake of all 😛

      Conclusion: See-throught is legit 100%+


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