11 thoughts on “Emma Roberts Sexy (18 Photos)

  1. Moderator = penis boy = douche canoe

    The only interesting part of this site is the comment section. But The moderator is either a douche, or an idiot, or both. Comments are routinely censored and deleted.

    Note to douche: I have a sneaking suspicion that you are Penis boy. The only comments you censor are those relating to penis boy posts. Clearly, you are a half wit and think that some provocation is allowable, but not when it gets too personal. Doubtful this post will see the light of day here, but have you heard of Reddit ?

      1. Bukake bros

        The posts were mine that were deleted and they were ALL responses to the penis boys moronic rants. As to your faggot comment, I see your incredibly lame “headshot”. Seems the faggot is on display. Not sure what that look is but I see an insecure little boy with an oral fixation. Maybe you are Bukake Bros with the Penis boy. That makes sense.

    1. pboi

      wow…I know how great I am but u actually think I can censor ur comments, guess u think that highly of me. as 4 ur comments, unfortunately I can’t censor it and I keep seeing the same stupid posts by u so clearly whoever’s in control hasn’t been censoring u. maybe ur just getting senile and forget to hit ‘send’ or maybe ur just a fuckin’ dumbass idiot. oh and stop obsessing w/ my penis I know how much u love it but really this is getting really weird and creepy

    2. Vox

      Penis boy? I thought that meant pedophile boy.

      But there are more douches here than just the pedophile and the moderator. It’s like a super box of douches.


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