Emily Ratajkowski (4 Sexy Photos)

Here are sexy polaroid photos of model Emily Ratajkowski from Ford Chicago site (2012 or earlier portfolio).


25 thoughts on “Emily Ratajkowski (4 Sexy Photos)

    1. Dr Martin

      Or maybe she just does what is required of her during each shoot. You losers should stop being so stupid. You are hear looking at her photos (especially the nude ones) whilst also complaining about her not dressing enough.

  1. nacho

    Best thing about this ho is her tits, and those won’t last long.

    Face is fucked up, has an atrocious belly button, and that split down the abdomen looks like she was operated on by some Nazi camp surgeon

      1. "Fuck Nacho" would like to lick nachos out of Nachos ass

        How gay do you have to be to claim that not liking ugly-faced attention whores is gay?

  2. Severin

    I’m still shocked that she lets an ordinary looking dude fuck her. Obviously he has money, but there are plenty of stereotypically handsome guys who are wealthy. He must be some sort of god in bed, or maybe Emily’s extremely kinky and can’t easily find guys who are willing/able to indulge her depraved desires.

    1. nacho

      She has rat face, real good looking guys avoid that like the plague

      Would you risk an ‘oopsy’ with that ho? Your kid would look like Splinter

      1. Stixxx

        You’re such a frustrated asshole… if you don’t like her why wasting your time here?
        Get a life, we don’t give a fuck of your hatred for Emily.

        1. nacho

          Cuz these bitches deserve some shaming.

          They’re just teasing little wankers such as yourself and helping add to the overpopulation problem with their ovaries.

          Captain Save-A-Ho, that defense won’t get you any pussy.

          1. German trash

            Another faggot speaking German. Guess this moron hasn’t figured out Germany lost the war and is now enslaved by those very same victims of its failed attempted genocide. I’d be embarrassed to be a fucking German. What a fucking idiot. Go take another sausage up the ass dipshit.

  3. JR Salami

    Beautiful women….

    All these haters are too funny, IF they have girlfriends they are built like high school linebackers. Then they come here to critize Emily, Sara, this one n that one.

    “All she has is her tits..n it won’t last”
    “Rat face”
    “dumb fame whore”

    If Emily here tells any of you nerds that she wants youse to be a couple…you fucker would leave ur linebacker/bag of bones(no tits or ass, n a real busted face), or ur 195 lbs girlfriends in a heartbeat.

  4. Unnecessary

    One of the butterface-y-est set of pics yet. There is literally nothing more useless than this ugly-faced famewhore when she’s not naked.


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